Opinion: Internet privacy is more important than Google’s shiny facade – Daily Bruin

Opinion: Internet privacy is more important than Google's shiny facade - Daily Bruin

This post was updated on October 29 at 7:48 p.m I love Google. I love the sleek, minimalist and colorful aesthetic of its products and the convenience of a centralized and easily accessible cloud. When I get a new computer, I immediately set Google Chrome as my default browser, and thanks to an agreement between …

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Pokemon Go player in complete shock after Shiny Darkrai escapes – Dexerto

Shiny Darkrai in a Pokemon Go battle

James Lynch published: 2023-10-22T17:00:37 updated: 2023-10-22T17:00:47 A Pokemon Go player who had his Raid prize Shiny Darkrai run away took to Reddit to share his frustration with the devastating glitch. For those who don’t know, Raids are the backbone of Pokemon Go’s endgame activities. For players who have caught a powerful Pokemon, going to a …

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