Meta Quest 3 was first featured in the latest Steam Hardware Review – Dexerto

Meta Quest 3

Rebecca Hills Duty published: 2023-11-03T12:08:08 updated: 2023-11-03T13:03:17 Meta Quest 3 first appeared in the Steam Hardware Review, but user stats can be misleading. The Steam Hardware and Software Survey is presented to a random selection of Steam users at monthly intervals. Those who accept upload their PC specs and a list of peripherals to Valve, …

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XReal Air 2 AR Glasses Review: Minor Improvements – Dexerto

XReal Air 2 AR Glasses Review: Minor Improvements - Dexerto

The XReal Air 2 is the company’s latest pair of augmented reality glasses, but do they justify the need for an upgrade? I’m not sure how to start writing this review, to be honest. The Xreal Air 2 arrived a few weeks ago, and through surprisingly extensive use, I’ve come to a strange conclusion that …

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Pokemon Go player in complete shock after Shiny Darkrai escapes – Dexerto

Shiny Darkrai in a Pokemon Go battle

James Lynch published: 2023-10-22T17:00:37 updated: 2023-10-22T17:00:47 A Pokemon Go player who had his Raid prize Shiny Darkrai run away took to Reddit to share his frustration with the devastating glitch. For those who don’t know, Raids are the backbone of Pokemon Go’s endgame activities. For players who have caught a powerful Pokemon, going to a …

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Pokemon Go fans point to big missed opportunities with Shadow Lugia Raid – Dexerto

pokemon go shadow lugia header

Philip Trahan published: 2023-10-20T19:17:31 updated: 2023-10-20T19:17:41 Pokemon Go fans have been calling for Niantic to add the real Shadow Lugia to Raids, after leaks revealed that Legendary is on the way. Pokemon Go recently revealed the debut of Shadow Lugias in the Team Go Rocket Takeover event for October 2023. This first Shadow Lugia game …

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Pokemon Go fans want a big QoL feature added to Pokemon Go Plus+ – Dexerto

Pokemon Go plus +

Philip Trahan published: 2023-10-19T21:55:37 updated: 2023-10-19T21:55:47 Pokemon Go trainers need a useful quality of fife feature to make its way to Pokemon Go Plus+ accessories. Niantic introduced the Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory in July 2023, which makes it possible to automatically catch Pokemon and rotate PokeStops without having to constantly check your phone. While many …

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