It’s official, SEPTA will use AI enforcement to ticket illegally parked cars on bus lanes.

Illegal parking on SEPTA bus lanes costs the mass transit company, slows traffic and causes safety concerns for passengers, officials said.

But soon, the mass transit company will be able to automatically ticket drivers who park illegally in bus lanes, in an effort to improve safety issues and traffic congestion.

“I think the threat of continuous enforcement goes a long way,” SEPTA product manager Matthew Zapson said earlier this year.

On Thursday, city officials signed a new law allowing SEPTA to use Hayden’s artificial intelligence parking enforcement systems to ticket drivers for “parking, stopping and standing violations that interfere with public transit.”

I am proud to have signed this bill into law. This is another innovative step forward to keep Philadelphians safe and moving smoothly. Thanks to these cameras, we are increasing the efficiency of our streets to make our city even more accessible. I want to thank everyone who made this bill possible,” Mayor Jim Kenney said Thursday.

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The bill does not specify how much drivers will be fined for each violation.

But, during the trial run of this new program with the camera, during about 70 daysthe cameras caught more than 36,000 vehicles parked illegally in the bus lanes for the 21 and 42 bus routes.

Officials said they hope the effort will help improve traffic congestion and pedestrian safety issues. In announcing the pilot program, SEPTA officials said illegal parking poses safety concerns because anyone waiting for a bus — or those trying to get off a bus — where a vehicle is illegally parked must cross traffic. As the bus needs. Two parking spaces for cars on the bus line.

Also, by driving buses around illegally parked vehicles, drivers who park in bus lanes affect the efficiency of mass transit, slow down buses on their way to their destinations, and cause traffic jams as buses must enter and exit. Turn outside the bus lanes.

According to officials, in this way, unauthorized parking on bus lines causes passengers to spend another 30 hours in traffic every year.

The bill notes that the law will take effect immediately.

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