Naver opens new data center in Sejong

GAK Sejong Data Center. Courtesy of Naver

The company is poised to meet the growing demand for large-scale artificial intelligence

By Bak Byung Yul

SEJONG – On Monday, Naver opened its second data center, GAK Sejong, in the special autonomous city of Sejong to lead technological innovation and accelerate business expansion centered on artificial intelligence and cloud computing, according to CEO Naver.

Naver CEO Choi Soo-yeon said at a press conference: “Hyperscale data centers have recently been recognized as the core infrastructure for technological innovation, but since the opening of GAK Chuncheon 10 years ago, Naver has been working for large-scale data centers It’s ready.” In the data center

GAK Sejong combines Naver’s expertise in advanced technologies, including artificial intelligence, cloud computing, robotics and autonomous driving, with knowledge gained from the establishment of GAK Chuncheon’s first data center in Gangwon Province.

Since opening in 2013, Naver has operated its first data center without an outage, crash or disaster for a decade. In line with the recent demand for high-capacity data processing based on artificial intelligence, the company opened GAK Sejong, specialized in superscale data processing.

Naver CEO Choi Soo-yeon speaks during a press conference at the company’s new GAK Sejong data center in Sejong City on Monday. Courtesy of Naver

“Navar’s ability to launch the HyperCLOVA X artificial intelligence platform this year and export the technology to Saudi Arabia was made possible by an upfront investment in technology,” said Naver’s CEO. Looking ahead to the next 10 years and beyond, GAK Sejong, designed to envision a futuristic future, will not only be an engine for Naver, but for all industries and technological innovations.

With an area equivalent to 41 football fields (294,000 square meters), GAK Sejong can house up to 600,000 server units, making it the largest data center in Korea for a single company. Naver revealed that GAK Sejong can store up to 65 exabytes of data – one exabyte equals 1 billion gigabytes – which is 6.75 times that of GAK Chuncheon.

Kim Yu-won, CEO of Naver’s cloud computing affiliate Naver Cloud, speaks during a press conference at Naver’s new GAK Sejong data center in Sejong City, Monday. Courtesy of Naver

Kim Yu-won, CEO of Naver cloud computing affiliate Naver Cloud, said, “Naver uses the largest GPU optimized for high-end computing in Korea, especially for large-scale artificial intelligence.

CEO Naver Cloud added that GAK Sejong plans to increase its capacity by six times through gradual expansion.

“Open space is currently only one-sixth of the total size. Infrastructure and space are designed for further development in technology development and data growth. With the launch of HyperCLOVA X, Naver’s cloud business and artificial intelligence enters a new phase. Kim He said: Today’s opening of GAK Sejong accelerates its expansion in different industries and countries.

When this reporter entered the server room of the data center, a loud noise was evident. It was the noise of fans working tirelessly to cool the heat-emitting central processing units (CPUs) and graphics processing units (GPUs) that are busy processing massive amounts of data for artificial intelligence and high-quality videos.

Employees of the GAK Sejong data center work in the control room of the center. Courtesy of Naver

Advanced Technologies Center

To maximize operational efficiency at GAK Sejong’s vast facility, Naver has implemented various technologies including artificial intelligence, robotics, automated driving and digital twin.

Naver Labs, Naver’s R&D subsidiary, developed a robot automation system for server asset management, with SeRo and GaRo robots tracking and managing the flow of assets in real-time in the data center. Additionally, an automated ALT-B shuttle connects key points at GAK Sejong.

Naver Cloud Data Center President Roh Sang-min introduced GAK Sejong’s air cooling system and said it is an environmentally friendly data center, just like GAK Chuncheon, which incorporates various natural energy utilization technologies. .

In addition, GAK Sejong maximizes energy efficiency by reusing the heat generated in the server room for purposes such as central heating, snow and ice melting systems on facility roads, and underfloor heating.

“We have developed and implemented a hybrid cooling system that uses 90 percent outside air,” Roh said. We have configured the data center in such a way that cold air enters the server room quickly and reduces energy consumption.

Roh added that the data center is prepared to ensure continuity of service even in the event of power outages or natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires.

“Data center safety has been in the spotlight since the (Kakao) data center fire incident in Pangyo last year, and we at GAK Chuncheon have been fully prepared for this. We have paid extra attention to GAK Sejong because it is considered as We had designed it to be earthquake resistant, similar to nuclear power plants.

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