Google is bringing its AI-powered search to more than 120 new countries and territories

According to a blog post by Google’s Hema Budaraju, Google is rolling out its Search Generative Experience (SGE) to more than 120 new countries, including Mexico, Brazil, South Korea, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa. SGE also supports four new languages, Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, and Indonesian, adding to its current support for English, Hindi, and Japanese.

Expansion means that a Lots More people can mess with SGE. You still have to jump through a few hoops to try: You have to participate through Google’s Search Labs program, and after that, you can only use SGE in Chrome on desktop or the Google app on Android and iOS. (In the newly added countries, SGE is available on Chrome on desktop starting Wednesday, and will be available on the Google app next week, according to Budarajus blog.)

In an interview, Bodaraju declined to share if or when SGE might be available in more browsers. However, he said that in the future, we should probably refer to you.

Interestingly, on the My Labs search page, there are notes saying that the SGE and SGE tests will end in December 2023 when I browse. I asked Google about it. Google spokesperson Craig Over said in a statement: Our goal with this phase of SGE is to get feedback and replicate the experience with our users. threshold. We have nothing else to share in future plans.

That doesn’t exactly clear things up. But given this major development and CEO Sundar Pichais’ previous statements about exactly how SGE will ultimately work, I doubt SGE will go away any time soon.

Google’s new translation feature that asks for multiple meanings.
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Google is also adding a few new features to SGE.

SGE results, when they’re good, answer your questions without having to click through to other sources, which is a pretty fundamental change for search. While Bodaraju didn’t have any specific metrics to share about whether SGE results have changed click-through rates from search results to other sources, Google has already updated SGE to improve how links are displayed and contextualized. to improve

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