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Lucid Motors is the latest automaker to announce that it will adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS), also known as the Tesla plug, for its electric vehicles.

The move follows more than a dozen other automakers that have also used Tesla’s charging connector, including General Motors, Ford, Toyota, BMW, Jaguar Land Rover, Volvo and Honda.

Lucid has adopted the North American Charging Standard (NACS) and expanded access to reliable and convenient charging solutions, Lucid said in a message posted on social media on Monday, adding that its customers will be able to access more than 15,000 Superchargers by 2025. Tesla have worldwide access. North America.

Lucid adopts the North American Charging Standard (NACS), expanding access to reliable and convenient charging solutions. By 2025, Lucid customers will have access to more than 15,000 Tesla Superchargers in North America.

— Lucid Motors (@LucidMotors) November 6, 2023

In a message on its website, the American carmaker confirmed that transparent cars equipped with the current CCS will gain access to Tesla’s Supercharger network in 2025 via an adapter.

Peter Rawlinson, CEO of Lucid, said the adoption of NACS is an important next step in providing our customers with widespread access to safe and convenient charging solutions for their Lucid vehicles. We believe that a unified charging standard, supporting the nationwide deployment of future-ready higher voltage charging stations, will be a critical step in enabling American consumers to use electric vehicles.

Interestingly, Rawlinson once worked as a chief engineer at Tesla and was involved in the design of the automaker’s charging plug.

With many automakers now promising to switch to the NACS fork, it was only a matter of time before the luxury electric car maker hit the production line. In fact, Rawlinson indicated in early July that Lucid would likely use the design at some point.

Want to learn more about NACS? Everything you need to know is here.

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