iTWire – Avanad launches new cloud insights platform that identifies risks and unlocks cloud costs by up to 50%.

Avanade Cloud Impact identifies business risk, technical debt, cost optimization and sustainability improvements to help companies create a resilient, AI-ready digital core.

Company news: Avanad, a Microsoft solutions provider, today launched a new platform to help businesses build an AI-ready digital core and unlock funds to reinvest in innovation. Avanade Cloud Impact is a data platform that uses the latest artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to integrate and analyze industrial, business and technical data sources, creating a rich and tailored modernization for enterprises in their cloud journey. slow The platform currently saves Avanad customers up to 50% of their cloud costs, and even more for certain plans.

With the exponential growth of cloud consumption, the digital core of the enterprise is rapidly changing with remarkable agility and flexibility. At the same time, many companies are struggling to realize the full value of their cloud journey as increased consumption creates redundancy, technical debt and hidden costs for legacy applications. Over time, this leads to an environment that becomes burdensome and consumes resources that could be better spent developing new innovative capabilities such as artificial intelligence.

By analyzing cloud consumption patterns and comparing them to a range of data sources such as application business characteristics in ITSM (IT Service Management) and CMBD (Configuration Management Database) systems, customer-defined architectural standards To generate insight into a wide range of risks and opportunities in an IT department, insights range from observations to retrofit recommendations, and in some cases include cost-benefit analysis for recommendations. Using this platform, CIOs can be confident that their team is running business-critical applications securely. Avanade Cloud Impact can also provide information on increasing the cost of data egress, application redesign options, and achieving 50 percent cloud cost savings while determining sustainability benefits, without requiring code changes.

Andrew Stahl, Regional Head of Regional Programs and Infrastructure Solutions, Avanad Australia, said: In today’s business environment, artificial intelligence is no longer around the corner. It’s here to stay, bringing with it several key considerations, including cloud flexibility, security, and cost efficiency. With cloud adoption increasing across the board, it’s critical for businesses to rethink what the cloud can do for their business. Acceleration and optimization of Azure cloud environments is critical to ensure that issues such as technical debt, hidden cost, and redundancy are avoided or managed. With the new Avanade Cloud Impact platform, Australian businesses can harness the true potential of AI by strengthening their digital core. Insights generated from this platform help organizations increase cloud efficiency and fast-track their AI journey.

said, “We’re very excited about this new platform, Avanade Cloud Impact, from our partners at Avanade and how it powers deep insights and recommendations that accelerate value for our Azure customers. Merrie Williamson, CVP, Azure Infrastructure, Digital and App Innovation, Microsoft.

As part of its commitment to helping customers adopt an AI-driven business approach, Avanad is offering a free introductory cost optimization workshop to qualified customers.

About Avanad
Avanad is a leading provider of innovative digital, cloud and consulting services, industry solutions and design-driven experiences across the Microsoft ecosystem. Every day, our 60,000 professionals in 26 countries make a real human impact on their clients, employees and customers.

Along with our parent Accenture, we have been recognized as Microsofts SI Global Partner of the Year more than any other company. With the most Microsoft certifications (60,000+) and 18 (of 18) Microsoft Gold Level Competencies, we are uniquely positioned to help businesses grow and solve their toughest challenges.

We are the first company committed to providing an inclusive workplace where employees feel comfortable being their true selves. As a responsible business, we are building a sustainable world and helping young people from underrepresented communities fulfill their potential.

Majority owned by Accenture, Avanad was founded in 2000 by Accenture LLP and Microsoft Corporation. Learn more at

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