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Just moving workloads to the cloud can bring huge energy efficiency. The cloud also enables changes in business operations and new solutions that bring efficiency
There is a lot of pressure to be sustainable today, and one of the ways companies are doing this is through their digital transformation. At the heart of the digital transformation journey is cloud computing. The demand for cloud computing has increased globally and in India. It is at the forefront of the global cloud computing revolution Amazon Web Services (AWS). Amazon pioneered the concept of cloud computing, and their launch of AWS in 2006 created a tectonic shift in the way we all work and live.
Now, AWS says the cloud computing revolution is really just beginning, and we need to pay more attention to cloud computing if we’re going to make a dent in our march toward a hotter, more climatically unpredictable planet.
Quint Simonhead of public policy for Asia Pacific and Japan at AWS, says that when a customer moves workloads from on-premises to the cloud, that move makes it up to 80 percent more energy efficient. This is according to a study by 451 Research, part of the consulting firm SMP Global. If the infrastructure is powered by renewable energy, this number increases to 96 percent. Additionally, he says, our customers can use services or features to innovate in the cloud and improve the way they do things every day.
Simon points out that the cloud is no longer just data storage or data processing, as it was 10 to 15 years ago. He says that all the advanced technologies we’re talking about today, whether it’s generative artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, or advanced cybersecurity, all of these exist as services in the cloud.
Access to such services enables companies to do amazing things. Use GreenCo Energies. GreenCo has several renewable energy projects across India, their challenge was that wind capabilities are recognized as intermittent sources of energy. Therefore, GreenCo decided to do all the data analysis and monitoring in the cloud. They uploaded all the data from their 2000+ wind turbines to AWS. We can monitor in real time where the wind is blowing, because India is so big, there will be wind at some point so they can make their wind turbine network work as efficiently and sustainably as possible. Simon says this is now the case with their solar deployment, which they are also now starting to do real-time analytics on AWS.
Another example is BluSmart, which operates a fleet of 4,000 electric vehicles and uses renewable energy for operations. The company has been able to optimize its operations to the point where it is almost completely emission-free. BluSmart offers zero surge pricing and zero trip cancellations, while committing to zero emissions. From 2021, it has achieved a monthly growth of 15-20%. Working with us, they’ve built an underpinning technology that takes a holistic approach to ride matching at scale. Results this August have shown that their fleet of electric vehicles can quickly and reliably scale operations to meet demand. This encourages adoption and ultimately reduces carbon emissions, says Simon.
Role of Indian English
Sustainability requires access to advanced cloud tools and services such as artificial intelligence. But that’s only half the story. The other half, says Simon, involves making sure the cloud infrastructure used to drive this digital transformation is efficient.
In this case, a significant group of Indian AWS engineers play an important role. While AWS has world-class R&D centers and much of its technology is developed by teams around the world working together, India has an extensive roster of engineering talent that participates in all of them. In India, we have chip experts, cybersecurity experts, and solution architects helping our customers design solutions through the cloud,” says Simon.
Anupam MishraOne of the most visible ways AWS employees are using innovation to improve data center energy efficiency is through the company’s chips, says head of technology and solutions architecture at AWS India and South Asia. In 2022, we launched AWS Trainium, a high-performance machine learning chip designed to reduce the time and cost of training generative AI models with potential cost savings of up to 62% and energy consumption reductions of up to 29% compared to peers. Is. , He says.

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