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published: 2023-11-03T12:08:08

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Meta Quest 3 first appeared in the Steam Hardware Review, but user stats can be misleading.

The Steam Hardware and Software Survey is presented to a random selection of Steam users at monthly intervals. Those who accept upload their PC specs and a list of peripherals to Valve, which collects the data. This information includes anyone using SteamVR and can identify which headset they are using.

The figures released for the survey show that Meta Quest 3 is only used by 0.15% of Steam VR users, with most users sticking to Quest 2, as 39.69% of SteamVR respondents reported being Quest 2 users. With Meta Quest Pro. It has affected only 0.35% of users.

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App incorrectly reports Quest 3 users

However, there are issues with the accuracy of the figures. First, Meta Quest 3 was only released on October 10th, so it didn’t have a full month to participate in the survey. The bigger problem, however, lies in the software that allows the Quest 3 to function as a PC VR headset.


Quest uses a built-in software feature called Link that allows Quest 2 and now Quest 3 to act as a wireless PC VR headset and connect to SteamVR. Unfortunately, this software has stability issues and lacks features compared to a third-party alternative called Virtual Desktop.

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According to UploadVR, virtual desktop developer Guy Godin says that the current version of the app reports a Quest 3 as if it were a Quest 2. There is an updated version of the app that correctly reports Quest 3, but since it’s only in beta right now, not many users are running it.

Therefore, the figures for Quest 3 users in the Steam hardware review include only those using the built-in Link app, and those using Virtual Desktop only as Quest 2 users.

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