TikTok is coming to ByteDance’s Pico 4 virtual reality headset

In a move that will shock no one, the Pico 4 now has a TikTok app.

If you don’t know, ByteDance is the Chinese tech giant behind TikTok, and it acquired Pico in mid-2021. While Pico previously focused primarily on businesses, it launched its existing headset as a beta test for European consumers less than a year after purchase, then launched the Pico 4 a few months later.

What’s surprising is how limited TikTok integration has been in Pico so far. For example, you can upload screen recordings to TikTok, but you can’t stream to it. And previously, in the public Pico Video app you could only like videos via the feed, you couldn’t access most features of the app like categories, search, comments or messages.

The new TikTok app for Pico appears to be just a regular 2D Android phone app, unmodified with all its functionality, floating in front of you on a giant virtual phone screen. You can hold the trigger on your controller to drag and drop or just use your fingers.

Given the Pico 4’s balanced design and high-resolution display with pancake lenses, it’s not a terrible way to watch TikTok. However, this is unlikely to be a reason to buy the 430 headset.

Pico 4 review: Should you really buy one instead of the Quest 2?

The Pico 4 ships today, and we’ve had a chance to go through it quickly over the past few weeks. Pico is not new to VR, having introduced its first headset in 2016. It was acquired last year by ByteDance, the Chinese tech giant behind TikTok. Pico has always been like that

The Pico 4 is still not sold in North America, and in Europe and Asia, with the release of the Quest 3, it no longer has the hardware spec advantage over the Meta. At 430, the Pico 4 is closer to the 350 Quest 2 than the 550 Quest. 3 However, it’s still an attractive option for some people, especially considering it basically has an Elite strap built in.

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