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“Sometimes I feel like a napkin at a barbecue. Smothered in sauce. But it’s no use to anyone.”

“Last night I had a nightmare about a sandwich. I was trying to eat it, but it was too much. And what’s even weirder is that I don’t even like sandwiches. Can you believe it?”

“Time has a taste, and right now it tastes sour.”

This is just a brief taste of some of the disturbing lines I heard today in just a few minutes of listening to Nothing Forever. The AI-driven comedy Seinfeld has been running to a dwindling audience since last February, but in recent days, it’s become an existential thing, and I don’t know if I’m funny or horrified.

We first wrote about Nothing Forever back in February, just as the auto-comedy stream shot to Twitch fame by running a 24-hour Seinfeld parody entirely powered by AI. At the time, it was a little weird when it stumbled upon a fake conversation that was close enough to the real Seinfeld, but it was mostly funny and sometimes very funny. It became significantly less funny when it received a temporary ban from Twitch after the AI ​​posted a transphobic comment, but it returned shortly after with an apology, new actors, and a new content moderation system.

Over the following months, its audience gradually dwindled as people grew tired of watching AI sitcom characters having rambling, nonsensical conversations about work, food and life. Leo Borges’ new protagonist, a blogger, was somehow even less interesting than Jerry Seinfeld’s former protagonist and stand-up comedian Larry Feinberg. And it should have been the fate of Nothing Forever to fade quietly into obscurity. But in the past few weeks, something strange has been going on that has reignited a wave of interest: the show failed. And when it came back, it was existential.

No Strange Forever axis was mentioned by @AnimeSerbia on Twitter, noting that two characters seem to be stuck on the fridge forever and that a strange, orange man keeps appearing and disappearing from the apartment. A clip of the bug was recorded from October 26, showing that the problem lasted for approximately five days.

The show seems to have straightened itself out since then…it’s just turned into something very weird. Characters stick in and out of furniture, each other and themselves, sometimes spasming dramatically or sticking their legs out in awkward positions when trying to sit down. Accenting the conversation is a soft, slow music track in a minor key that doesn’t seem to have any coherent melody – a bit like the backing track of one of the Zones in the 2008 horror RPG Off or the Genocide track of Undertale.

And critically, all the characters seem to be able to discuss the philosophical conundrum. As I type this, Kelly is telling everyone about a place she heard “where time goes backwards.” Just a few minutes ago, another character mused, “Ever wonder why bread turns into toast, but toast can’t turn into bread?” I also heard, “I often wonder what it would be like to be a bird. No decisions. No worries. Just flying around and eating worms.”

A lot of it is pointless, but it also often turns into discomfort. Characters often think about the nature of existence. Leo wrote a blog while I was listening to “Woman in the Mirror” slowly unfolding – and later another blog about how time is a freaking circus and humans are just “puppets in a They are big theaters. Indeed, all of his blogs seem to set the tone for episodes of unsettling musings on the nature of life, and questions about whether his last name “Borges” was predicted by the creators, or whether AI was looking for it. , Creates. The works of Jorge Luis Borges and their complete understanding.

In the episode I watched, there were some weird thematic characters talking repeatedly over the course of over an hour about a goblin that they seemed to think was either in the apartment with them or controlling them in some way. At first I thought it was just a spur-of-the-moment conversation they were having, but when I asked the Twitch chat how long things had been like this, someone replied, “Since the Goblin Arc,” which only confused me more. did

And all of this is occasionally broken up by a cut of the weather report or the TV guide, which was present in Nothing Forever before it became scary, but given the rest of the dialogue, it kind of enhances the found footage of it.

I don’t know what to make of this terrible turn. Perhaps this is the inevitable end of all AI-generated scripts – if you leave them alone long enough, they simply devolve into existential terror. I also haven’t ruled out the possibility that this is all a Halloween-themed stunt by the creators who have been experiencing radio silence lately. We’ve reached out to them for comment on this strange situation and will update if we hear back.

In the meantime, Nothing Forever is worth watching for about five minutes—long enough to laugh wistfully at its haunted ramblings, but not so long that you start to believe in the goblin pulling everyone’s strings.

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