A man sitting on top of a pile of cheese is shocking the internet. See the photo

There have been many discussions about the unsanitary conditions of places where food is prepared. Many people have repeatedly emphasized the role of food safety and the impact of unsanitary conditions on our health. And now, the debate has flared up further after a picture of a man sitting on a pile of cheese was shared on social media and went viral.

Image of a man sitting on a pile of cheese. (X/@zhr_jafri)

User X @zhr_jafri shared a picture on the microblogging platform where you can see a man sitting on a stack of pages. Just above the screen, there appears to be a wooden board that the man is sitting on. (Also Read: Chai ke saath mazak nahi: Video of man making chai momos excites food lovers)

@ zhr_jafri wrote in the caption of the post that after seeing this article, never buy unbranded cheese.

Check out the post here:

This post was shared on October 28. Since posting, it has gone viral with over 61,000 views. This photo has also received nearly 300 likes and numerous comments.

What people are saying about this post:

Someone wrote, it takes a little time to prepare cheese, cheese and ghee at home, I don’t use these things from outside.

He said for a second: I have no idea. Who makes it good cheese? Branded or unbranded, not everything is good

You will leave any outside food when you really know what happened at the end, third post.

Fourth shared, just make cheese at home, it takes less time.

5th comment, I have been asked several times by shop owners to buy non-branded cheese, so called affordable.

It was my fear that prevented me from buying. At roadside food stalls, we can at least see if it is clean or not, then we judge.

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