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Fairphone has promised 8 years (probably up to 10) of support for its new Fairphone 5. Google has made Android longevity mainstream with the new Pixel 8 series, which is supported for 7 years, including software updates and availability for spare parts. Parts.

But it begs the question, does anyone really use their phone for that long? While it’s difficult to predict whether Pixel 8 users will remain in 2030, we can focus on the here and now. So let’s change the question to how old is your current phone?

We know some of you have phones that you love and have kept for years. We also know that others are upgraded every year, and of course there are some in between.

Okay, maybe some of you answered 1 year because you just bought a new phone after several years out of your old unit. How old was your previous phone?

Technology is strange, old gadgets age faster than new gadgets. So a 3 year old phone bought in 2020 is now worse than a 3 year old phone bought in 2026. In part, this is due to longer support programs being adopted by more and more manufacturers (and Google’s move could cause the likes of Samsung and even Apple to extend support periods).

And also because the hardware has reached a good enough stage. The Snapdragon 870 has remained relevant for years, and we suspect the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 will follow suit. 5G, 100+MP cameras, periscopes, 100+W charging, etc. all made noise when they hit the market, but if you already have a phone with these features, why upgrade?

So, we’ve covered the past and present, now let’s talk about the future. How long do you plan to keep your current phone?

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