The analyst claims that the Apple Vision Pro is technically ahead of the Meta Quest 3 by up to three years, despite launching in early 2024.

Meta Quest 3 launched on October 10, several months ahead of Apple’s Vision Pro, which is due out early next year but will only be available through an appointment system. Regardless of how it gets to consumers and how difficult it will be to get a super-expensive AR headset, one analyst believes that Apple’s premium offering is three years older than what the Meta produced.

The Apple Vision Pro has a completely different target audience, but the analyst says its experiential advantage is attracting customers

At $499 for the Meta Quest 3 and $3,499 for the Apple Vision Pro, there’s a clear price difference between the two mixed reality headsets. TF International Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo points out in his Medium blog post that Apple has produced the superior headset, with the device being technically two to three years ahead of the Meta Quest 3, even though May this headset be produced. It will arrive in early 2024.

However, Apple’s vague timeline suggests that the head-mounted wearable won’t be available in January of next year, but some time after that. Kuo also stated that the Apple Vision Pro will target a different audience due to its high price, but what it brings to the table could make the headset more interesting.

Apples Vision Pro is technically ahead of the Metas Quest by at least 23 years. So when the Vision Pro launches early next year, even if it targets a different consumer base than the Quest due to its much higher price, its clear experiential advantage will influence customers’ purchase intentions for the Quest.

Of course, selling a successor to the Apple Vision Pro at the same price is not a strategy the tech giant wants to adopt for the foreseeable future, especially if it wants to capture a large share of the market at a rapid pace. The company plans to introduce a low-cost version of the AR headset, which will reportedly have an iPhone chipset instead of a Mac, along with a smaller display and other low-cost features to keep the price down.

Unfortunately, the augmented reality headset market isn’t doing so well right now, as Koo announced that Meta has lowered its Q4 sales forecast for the Quest 3 by 10%, meaning shipments for the first quarter of 2024 are possible. is reduced up to 80% compared to the quarter. Even though devices with an asking price of $499 can be entertained by many, more maturity is needed in this department before it starts to pick up steam.

News source: Ming Chi Ku

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