“SNL” Weekend Update roasts House Speaker Mike Johnson with AI

Saturday Night LiveThe weekend update covered the election of Mike Johnson as the new Speaker of the House, along with Donald Trump’s latest legal troubles.

After weeks of trying to pick a new speaker, Republicans gave up and just created one with artificial intelligence, said Colin Just, one of the project’s co-hosts.

There is no way Mike Johnson is a real person. He’s ostensibly a conservative Republican, but he seems as put together as any MSNBC host. I feel like the way Mike Johnson got elected is after weeks of voting, the Republicans got fed up and everyone wrote in a bogus name, and then they said, wait, this guy is regional?

Michael Che then brought up some of Johnson’s far-right positions on social issues.

Johnson has been called a homophobe for supporting anti-LBGTQ legislation and saying that homosexuality is weird and perverted, which, incidentally, he joked about the two super gay clubs on the West Side.

From there, Jost turned to former President Trump, who is scheduled to testify at his civil fraud trial in New York this week.

Trump testified on the stand for the first time in ten years, and it’s interesting that no one is 100% sure which court the motion is for, Justice quipped.

Trump has been facing federal charges related to the misuse of classified documents since leaving office and his role in the January 6 uprising. He also faces state charges in New York for falsifying business records and state RICO charges in Georgia for trying to interfere with the state’s 2020 election results. A total of 91 charges have been filed, all of which are crimes.

Regarding the civil trial involving the Trump Organization, Che added:

Donald Trump’s three eldest children were involved in entering financial statements for his company. Ivanka wrote the summaries, Don Jr. put the numbers together, and Eric clicked the envelopes.


And what about former fixer Michael Cohen’s testimony that Trump would increase his business assets from $4.5 billion to $6 billion:

It’s half past four, which is basically six, which is also what he tells Melania.

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