SA Cricketer’s ‘Religious’ Post After Pakistan Defeat On The Internet

South African cricketer Keshav Maharaj’s post on social media after the Proteas’ win against Pakistan in the 2023 Cricket World Cup went viral on the internet.

I trust God, what a special result by the boys, it’s great to see the performances of Tabriz Shamsi and Aiden Marker. The place of Shri Hanuman, Keshav Maharaj He wrote on Instagram.

Keshav Maharaj’s comments came hours after his victory against Pakistan as South Africa topped the table in the race for the semi-finals of the Cricket World Cup.

During the close of the match, Pakistani fast bowler Haris Rauf hit Tabriz Shamsi in front of the wickets. However, umpire Alex Wharf calculated that the ball was sliding down the leg side and declared him not out.

Immediately, Pakistani captain Babar Azam called for a review.

However, replays showed that the ball only clipped leg stump, meaning it was the umpire’s call that was not out on this one.

It came as a shock to the Pakistani players as it looked unarmed to the naked eye. More importantly, the ball bowled by Haris Rauf landed on the line and hit Tabriz Shamsi below the knee, but he survived.

One of the reasons that makes the ball move towards the leg can be Haris Rauf’s angle. As he drove his balls outside the crease, his incoming balls seemed to move outside the leg stump.

One of the reasons that makes the ball move towards the leg can be Haris Rauf’s angle. As he drove his balls outside the crease, his incoming balls seemed to move outside the leg stump.

As the umpire’s call saved Tabriz Shamsi, he and Keshav Maharaj held their nerve to send South Africa home.

On the other hand, the Pakistani cricketers were disappointed as they not only lost the game by one wicket but also ended their fate in the tournament.

Defeat against South Africa was Pakistan’s fourth consecutive defeat in the Cricket World Cup, leaving their chances of reaching the semi-finals slim.

Against this backdrop, Harbhajan Singh pointed out that bad refereeing was behind Pakistan’s defeat at the Chepauk Stadium.

Bad umpiring and bad rules cost Pakistan this game, wrote Harbhajan Singh on the microblogging platform. The International Cricket Council (ICC) should change this rule. If the ball hits the stumps, it does not matter whether the umpire leaves the field or not. Otherwise, what is the use of technology???

But the former Indian spinner’s words were not appreciated by former South African captain Gram, who insisted that a similar incident happened to Proteas batsman Rossy van der Dusen, who was caught under controversial circumstances by DRS.

Harbhajan Singh kept mum in that episode, which angered Graeme Smith.

Responding to Harbhajan Singh’s claims, Graeme Smith asked: Behji, I feel the same way you do when it comes to the umpires, but can Rossy van der Dussen and South Africa feel the same?

Meanwhile, Pakistan captain Babar Azam refused to blame DRS for his side’s defeat.

Yes, to be honest. We were very close but disappointed not to finish on the winning side. We fought very well. In our batting, it was 10-15 runs short. But the way we bowled was good. Babar Azam said in the presentation ceremony: Spinners and pacers were brilliant.

Honestly, it’s part of the game. If the referee had given OUT, he would have done us a favor. This is the umpire’s call at DRS and we have to accept it.

We fought well and finished the game. If we had won this game, we would have kept ourselves alive in the competition. We will do our best in the next three games. He emphasized: We will play in the best possible way for Pakistan.

With Pakistan all but out of contention for the semi-finals, coach Mickey Arthur warned against a witch hunt against the players and team management.

“It’s really unfair to start a witch hunt, certainly on Babar Azam, on Inzi, on our coaches, on the management team,” Mickey Arthur told reporters.

What I know is that the guys have tried, and the coaching staff’s effort has been the effort of first-class players. He added: “If they see the amount of effort of the players and staff, they will be surprised.”

Tonight in that dressing room, the feeling is completely different from the Afghanistan game. The Afghanistan game was that we were average in all departments. We were good with the stick tonight, I thought we were very good with the ball. “I’m really proud of them (the players) because they fought until the bitter end,” emphasized Mickey Arthur.

We always position ourselves as one of your top four over 40s. We’ve had one of our top four get hundreds of people in total. We have had two hundreds in this match so far, both in one game. So, we had players that came in. Pakistan team manager said: We didn’t have any players.

I don’t think we managed the last 5 overs well tonight. He explained that still at one point, in the 45th over, I remember telling the dressing room with one run ball, we’ll get 295 and a bit more, we’ll get 300.

I know we were defending 300 tonight. So, I don’t think we handled that backend well at all. Mickey Arthur explained and we put away the balls we didn’t face.

Former Pakistan player Aqib Javed and veteran fast bowler Mohammad Amir criticized Babar Azam’s captaincy.

He has been the captain for the last four years and there has been no improvement. The fast bowlers in Chennai were doing reverse spin and he brought back the spinners. Mohammad Amir said in Sono News that nothing has changed in his approach since the first day.

After the World Cup Pakistan cricket team needs a new captain who can instill aggression in the players. At the end, Aqib Javed said: I recommend Shaheen Afridi, who took decisions in PSL that an ordinary player like Babar Azam does not even think about.

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