VR news of the week: SteamVR 2.0, Quest 3’s hidden tricks, and Steph Curry on XR

VR news of the week

Lloyd Android Central spell with Meta Quest 3

As part of a weekly series, Android Central Senior Editors Michael Hicks and Nick Satrich are rounding up all the hardware news, game announcements, leaks, and cool updates related to the Meta Quest 3, Oculus Quest 2, and other VR headsets.

It’s an interesting time covering virtual and mixed reality in 2023. On the one hand, the hardware for immersive experiences and the software behind them have become more advanced over time. On the other hand, we see more and more how challenging it really is for companies Make Money Outside of VR

Thanks to Meta Connect 2023 and the post-launch frenzy of Quest 3, we’ve ironically neglected to cover the week’s VR news for the past month, so we’ll jump right in with some exciting developments – mainly involving meta earnings and Quest’s latest hidden tricks. 3, as well as new augmented reality glasses and new games that we’re most excited about.

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