How to improve your task management with new actions for the Shortcuts app in iOS 17

Apple has added new actions to the Shortcuts app with iOS 17 to make automating and managing tasks even more efficient. Here are some of the new features that users can take advantage of.

iOS 17 added new actions for Shortcuts

The Shortcuts app is an integral feature of Apple’s iOS, iPadOS, and macOS platforms, designed to facilitate the automation of various tasks and functions. It allows users to create custom workflows that can automate a sequence of actions across multiple applications.

For example, a tap or voice command to Siri can launch a shortcut that sends a text message, sets an alarm, or even opens an app.

New actions in shortcuts

With iOS 17, Apple has added new actions in various system categories and functions. They include “Voice Transcription”, “Open Camera”, “Show Passwords”, and many more.

Apple has also updated some measures. For example, “Set Timer” can start a new timer even when another timer is active, and “Get Network Details” has been updated to include channel number, hardware MAC address, and baud rate.

Shortcut examples

New shortcut actions can help people be more productive, increase workflow, and generally make life easier. For example, a freelancer working from home can use a shortcut to interview a resource, log their personal and/or business transactions, and manage passwords.

Interview transcription

For example, users have a new “Transcribe Audio” function that converts recorded audio into written text.

  1. Use the “Record Voice” action to record the interview.
  2. Next, the “Transcribe Audio” action converts the saved audio file to text.
  3. From the “Save File” function to save the transcribed text as a txt file. Use in a designated folder in the Files app.
  4. Finally, select the “Show notification” action to alert the user that transcription is complete and the text file has been saved.

This can be useful for journalists, students or anyone who needs to quickly convert spoken words into written form.

Registration of transactions

Along with the new actions, iOS 17 brings a new automation including the Wallet app. Users can use “Transactions” automation to automatically perform various tasks, such as recording a new purchase in a spreadsheet.

  1. Open the Shortcuts app and tap the Automation button at the bottom, then select the plus sign in the top-right corner.
  2. Scroll down to find “Transaction”.
  3. Users can then add the purchase to a note in Apple Notes or a spreadsheet they’ve created.

Newly introduced transaction automation enables users to sort transactions based on the credit or debit card used, the type of charge, and even the specific store where the purchase was made.

Open iCloud Keychain

For those who use iCloud Keychain to store their passwords, Apple has finally added a “Show Passwords” action in iOS 17. This action only performs one action, but allows users to search for a specific user account.

  1. Open Shortcuts and look for the “Show Passwords” action. Opens the Passwords section in iOS settings. Users can stop here and tap the share icon to add it to their homepage, or continue with the Search Term filter.
  2. Tap the arrow icon in the “Show passwords” action.
  3. Tap and hold on the text field and select Ask Every Time. This allows users to search for an account. For example, type “Amazon” to unlock your Amazon password, or type another account.
  4. After that, users can still add it to the home screen or keep it in the Shortcuts app.

Freelancers can use the shortcut to search their various online accounts and log into content management systems.

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