Google doesn’t acknowledge the original Pixel bug, which makes it very difficult to use affected units

Is there anything more annoying than having a problem with your phone that prevents you from using it properly? The answer is yes.” What’s more annoying is that there’s a problem with your phone that doesn’t allow you to use it properly, and the phone manufacturer won’t confirm that there’s a problem. That’s what some Pixel users are feeling right now. On the Google IssueTracker website (via ArsTechnica), many Pixel users complain that the primary account in a multi-account setup can’t access storage while the secondary account can.
Initially thought to be a problem limited to users of the Pixel 6 series, the bug has affected the Pixel 6a, Pixel 7 series, Pixel 7a, Pixel Fold and Pixel Tablet after these devices were updated to Android 14. And with over 350 posts on the issue tracker, you’d think Google would be right on top of this problem. But this issue is assigned a P2 “Moderate” rating, with P0 being assigned to those issues that require immediate resolution. This issue is also “unassigned” meaning that no one at Google is working on it.
Complaints from affected users include problems such as boot loops, while others complain of their phone getting stuck on the “Pixel is starting” message. Others opened the camera app only to see a “storage full” message. Screenshots cannot be taken because there is no place to save them and factory reset is not possible.
“Having the same problem with my wife,” says one message on the Issue Tracker Pixel 6! In the meantime, he’s using his second account and hoping Google will update to restore access to his data, which is currently locked out of his primary account. It seems we are victims of ransomware.” Well, at least with ransomware, attackers will contact victims to determine the price of the ransomware. Google won’t even acknowledge the problem.

Another Pixel 6 Serial owner says, “Same problems here in my P6 pro. After official update to (sic) 14 of 13 in main profile, no internal memory available. Phone is unusable! This is by Google since It’s known that 14 has been provided. No incredible solution! I’ve never heard of it from Apple.”

The multi-user feature allows more than one user to use the same device and have their own memory and apps. Individual users can also create home and work profiles. This bug only affects those who use this feature. And that’s something Google can’t ignore because it won’t go away. But what may be missing is a number of Pixel users who could have bought a Galaxy S23 Ultra or an iPhone 15 series model but didn’t. Google should fix this problem immediately.

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