19 Hilarious Funny Pictures I Found This Week That Honestly Made Me Feel Better

Hello again! I’ve been away for a while for a friend’s wedding in Nashville (fun! Cool city!) and I’ve been making up for lost time by scouring the internet for photos that make me laugh despite being so dumb at times. Honestly, it’s a combination I love! It is very difficult here, sometimes you have to break some brain cells and separate it.

And my weekly disclaimer: One of the quirks of the modern internet is how things appear, disappear, then reappear at random times, so not everything on the list below is entirely clear. Newbut everything was It is new to me.

Let’s get into it

1. For starters, I can’t tell if it’s brilliant or stupid. Let’s get inspired…

Twitter: @NoContextHumans

2.“Doctor, please, I need my fix.”

3.In this economy, that’s what you need more than anything else genius.

Signature declares "Friday Night Spaghetti Boat" And "Saturday morning all you can eat spaghetti for $1"

4.I want to be inspired by this PSA with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, I really do.

Two signs side by side, each showing a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle with the type above and below each turtle, reading the type on both signs: "Say pizza" "to drugs" In a line and "say no" "to yes" under

5. Follow the rules Yogini!!

Twitter: @woofknight

6. He had my vote

Twitter: @kenzianidiot

7. I’m into pumpkin spice, I’m into oil changes, I’m into pumpkin spice and oil changes

The store sign that says "The return of pumpkin spice oil"

8. Very close

Twitter: @EverythingOOC

9. Anyone who mentions these must be a CEO.

Twitter: @hopes_revenge

10.Define exactly as it is!

Check in front of the Grand Canyon that says "Oh oh point"


The online form that asks the user to select his country and one of the options is this "fruit salad"


A sign with a picture of a squirrel singing. "Cigarettes are like squirrels, they are completely harmless until you put them in your mouth and light them." And "No smoking"

13. (Speechless but with awe.)

Twitter: @cucumbersnail

14. a dead end

Twitter: @kirawontmiss

15.me in the least five minutes

Takeout food bag with writing that says "I have to let him pick onions"

16. I really hope this has worked.

Twitter: @weirddalle

17.I think “Farm Fresh / Butt Piece” is from a poem by William Carlos Williams.

A person holding an egg with this phrase stamped on it "Fresh patchwork farm"

18.Karki, you absolute rapscallion.

The cat is sitting on the cake, which is on top of a fridge that has a sign with an arrow pointing up that says: "Cake!!  Don't sit here until fluffy!!"

19.And finally…Dick “Taco” Dick.

A political sign in support of Richard "Mexican sandwich" Johnson

A confusing but beautifully chaotic week on the internet! Thanks for hanging out!

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Image Source : au.news.yahoo.com

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