The Humanes Ai Pin may cost $1,000 and require a subscription

Ai Pin, the new gadget/wearable/projector/thing from secretive startup Humane, could cost up to $1,000 and may require a monthly subscription for data. Information.

This mysterious device has been in development for years, but we got our first good look at it during co-founder Imran Chaudhris’ presentation at TED this year. In the presentation, he used an unnamed device to answer a phone call, get information about where to buy a gift, translate a sentence spoken in French by an AI-generated version of his voice, and even Comment on whether he can eat a bar of chocolate. It was an impressive demo, although we had a lot of questions about how it worked.

Ai Pin is a small, faceless device about the size of a saltine cracker. Information It reports that it will have a camera, microphone and speaker, a variety of sensors and a laser projector. You’ll attach it magnetically to your clothes (as seen in the device’s appearance at Paris Fashion Week). The device will have a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, giving it smartphone-level speed, connectivity, camera capabilities and security, and Humane plans to be an MVNO to sell cellular data that customers can use with the Ai Pin. (Humane co-founder Bethany Bongiorno described Ai’s pin this month (as an independent device that is a telephone, text computer, and software platform.)

The AI ​​features in Ai Pin are provided by a dedicated model with a large language. Information It says that we already knew about a short Time A post that says the device uses a combination of proprietary software and OpenAIs GPT. (An earlier version of that article said that Ai Pin uses GPT-4, but 4 is not present in the live version.) Time It also describes a Trust Light privacy indicator that activates when the camera, microphone, or input sensors are turned on.

We still don’t know much about the device or the future of Humanes after its launch. But according to Information Sources, Humane has a bigger vision than Ai Pin. Humane hopes to bring about a complete paradigm shift in consumer computing, they suggested. I’m a little skeptical about that, but I guess I’ll see if Humane mentions that future when they share more information about Ai Pin on November 9th.

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