AICRAFT Strategic Alliance to Advance High-Performance Computing Solutions for Space + Earth SatNews

AICRAFT signed a memorandum of understanding (memorandum) with space angel and is based in Adelaide, Australia SABRN Tech To integrate low-power, compact and high-performance computing systems.

AICRAFTs technologies will support Australian Space Corridorthe world’s first green space port developed by Space Angel and E-LifePodsportable container hospitals to provide special care and clinical support in defense, civilian (for exampleenergy, mining and regional places and extraterrestrial environments (for examplethe surface of the Moon and the surface of Mars) developed by SABRN Tech.

The partnership leverages AICRAFT’s world-class computing solutions for space and industrial applications, Space Angels’ competencies in large-scale IoT devices and network management, and SABRN’s expertise in systems-of-systems approaches to defense and civilian healthcare.

We are very excited about this three-way partnership, which leverages not only our edge devices but also low-power high-performance computing servers. The projects we will work on together are looking to reach for the stars and have similar solutions on the ground for telehealth and autonomous operations.Dr. Tony ScolariCEO, AICRAFT

The Australian Space Corridor will manage a green space port by tracking the operations and sustainability metrics of millions upon millions of IoT devices, buildings, transport, the renewable energy grid and other resources. It is powered by artificial intelligence and robotics with remote operation that aligns with AICRAFTs product range.Ram KupusamyCEO, Space Angel

We are delighted to bring AICRAFTs advanced products and Space Angels digital know-how to implement our portable healthcare solutions that will ensure the well-being of employees working remotely in Australia’s Space Super Corridor.Dr. Abhilash ChandraCEO of Subern Company

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