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This is not a point of pride for the United States: within five years, 76.6% American prisoners are recaptured.

On the other hand, Norway replicates its model for training and rehabilitating criminals at a rate of 20%.

When it comes to handling the smaller acts of Internet wrongdoing, think: the spam, harassment, and insults that plague so many cyber-citizens, Discord is now aiming to be more like Norway.

The social chat platform is resetting the discipline system for its more than 150 million monthly users. Matching PlatformerHoping that a more forgiving and nuanced approach will foster a better internet.

This is a bold and lovely thought

But you may wonder how it works?

  • The program starts with an up-to-date alert system that documents users’ violations and teaches them how to get back in good standing.
  • Discord has specific penalties for violations, for example, you will often be banned if you post inappropriate messages on other platforms. In Discord, only your messaging functionality is turned off.
  • Another deviation from the norm: except in extreme cases, the platform forgoes permanent bans and opts for one-year bans instead.
  • There is still a zero-tolerance policy against the worst crimes, namely violent extremism and content that sexualises children. Matching Disputes blog.

According to the logic of driving disputes Platformer: Half of its users are between 13 and 24 years old. The bet is that mildly reducing adolescent impulsive behavior and replacing overly punitive measures with improved education will lead to healthier long-term Internet citizenship.

Good luck

If it works, great, it’s ambitious, and as long as Discord can protect its users from the worst abuses, it’s worth trying. But:

  • It’s a platform built around a gaming community that already has a bad reputation for it hate speech, DaxingAnd broadcast series.
  • It’s a dangerous time for Discord to actively appear lenient towards serious user infractions Trying to justify Its value is 15 billion dollars

Bottom line: This is a good idea. But the Internet is a tough place for good ideas.

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