20 jobs that artificial intelligence cannot replace

In this article to review 20 jobs that artificial intelligence cannot replace. We’ve also talked about the potential impact of AI on businesses. If you want to skip our detailed analysis, skip straight to it 5 jobs that artificial intelligence cannot replace

How far has artificial intelligence advanced?

We all know and believe in the game-changing nature of AI that has permeated every aspect of our personal and professional lives. To quantify this understanding, PwC Global artificial intelligence The study highlights the enormous potential of AI, with a projected contribution of $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030. This impact will also translate into a 26% increase in GDP for local economies. Improved labor productivity and product improvement are expected to increase economic profits and stimulate consumer demand with increased personalization.

China and North America are expected to lead the way with a share of $10.7 trillion, nearly 70 percent of the global impact. With this enormous potential, AI’s role in disrupting employment and businesses around the world was inevitable.

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFTA recent Job Trend Index report, based on interviews with 31,000 people in various markets, highlights the need to acquire AI skills. The report shows that AI talent is critical to staying relevant in the workforce. Notably, 82% of business leaders believe that employees need to have the skills to adapt to the age of artificial intelligence, but 60% of workers currently lack these necessary capabilities.

In terms of the company’s AI developments, Microsoft’s (NASDAQ:MSFT) new AI assistant, Microsoft 365 Copilot, is set to be available to users on November 1st. This assistant summarizes meetings in Microsoft Teams for those who choose not to attend, and creates documents and presentations. It uses the same technology as ChatGPT, which Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) has invested in through OpenAI. Copilot costs $30 per month and works online. While it is expected to improve productivity, some critics express concerns about potential job disruptions and over-reliance on AI tools. To read more about AI disruption, check out our article on it Industries that have been transformed by artificial intelligence and automation technologies.

On the other hand, Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)s Search Generative Experience (SGE) allows users to generate images and written drafts from text messages. This development will revolutionize content creation by providing new tools for creating visual and written content. While Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) takes responsible steps to ensure its tools adhere to policies and guidelines, these AI-powered features could potentially disrupt and transform creative and content-related professions.

AI disruption isn’t just limited to jobs. In fact, Alphabet Inc’s ( NASDAQ:GOOG ) artificial intelligence optimizes traffic lights in various cities, reducing wait times and emissions. Early results show that Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) AI has reduced the stops to the maximum. 30% and 10% greenhouse gas emissions for 30 million vehicles per month. This development of artificial intelligence addresses a long-standing problem and makes urban life more sustainable.

The future of the final transition to artificial intelligence

Alphabet Inc’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) artificial intelligence development may soon consume an alarming amount of electricity, potentially rivaling the entire energy consumption of countries like Argentina, the Netherlands, or Sweden by 2027, recent research suggests. This research estimates that if Alphabet Inc. NASDAQ:GOOG) transitioned its entire search business to artificial intelligence, could use as much electricity as Ireland, and 29.3 terawatt hours per year However, this scenario assumes full-scale AI adoption using current hardware and software, which faces challenges such as the limited supply of powerful GPUs.

How many jobs will be replaced by artificial intelligence by 2030?

While the exact number of AI jobs will be replaced by 2030 It may not be known, but there are predictions about its effect. According to a recent study by the McKinsey Global Institute, nearly 12 million American workers may be forced to transition to new jobs by 2030 due to the proliferation of artificial intelligence with an aging population and the expansion of e-commerce.

The study suggests that AI technologies could automate up to 30 percent of work hours in the U.S. by 2030, impacting administrative support, customer service and food service roles. It’s also worth noting that customer service and data entry positions are among these Jobs that have already been replaced by artificial intelligence. Additionally, with the advent of in-person checkout, retail jobs as cashiers have also largely declined. To read more about Jobs that artificial intelligence will replace in the futureCheck out our article Jobs that will disappear in the future due to artificial intelligence.

Artificial intelligence has evolved in many ways in recent years, and the industry is now worth more than $100 billion. Heavyweights such as Microsoft Corp (NASDAQ:MSFT), Alphabet Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG), and OpenAI are in fierce competition, leading to the rapid development of large complex language models. These models can perform better than humans in various tasks, from strategic games to cancer diagnosis and music making.

However, they have not reached Artificial General Intelligence (AGI), where artificial intelligence has human-like cognitive abilities. AGI is still a goal because artificial intelligence has limitations in creativity and emotional awareness. It is because of this limitation that we have several items Jobs that artificial intelligence cannot replace.

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to the list Jobs that artificial intelligence cannot replacewe identified 3 common features that can create Jobs resistant to artificial intelligence. First, jobs that involve complex and nuanced human interactions, such as therapy and counseling, are not amenable to artificial intelligence. Second, occupations that rely on creativity, innovation, and artistic expression, such as artists, fashion designers, and chefs, are challenging for artificial intelligence to replicate because they involve original thinking and personal expression.

Finally, jobs that require physical skills, dexterity, and expertise, such as surgeons, are generally less susceptible to AI replacement because they require precision and real-time decision-making along with adaptability.

To rank these jobs in order, we scored these jobs out of a total of 60 points based on the display of these three attributes based on a consensus of Reddit threads. A higher score indicates a lower probability of job replacement by artificial intelligence. The list is presented in ascending order.

20. Event planners

IM score: 20

Event planners need human creativity and interpersonal skills to meet unique client needs and handle unforeseen circumstances. AI may help with logistical tasks, but it cannot replicate (even if it simulates) the emotional intelligence, intuition, and personal touch required for successful event planning.

19. Teachers

IM score: 22

While AI can provide information and assist in teaching or learning, human teachers provide emotional support, adapt to individual learning styles, and provide valuable guidance. Teachers, especially vocational teachers, foster creativity and precision that AI cannot provide. one of Jobs least likely to be replaced by artificial intelligence.

18. Plumber

IM score: 24

Plumbers deal with different and non-standard plumbing systems that require problem solving and adaptation. They must evaluate unique situations, consider local regulations, and consider the nuances of individual homes. Artificial intelligence lacks the human judgment required for plumbing work.

17. Electrician

IM score: 26

AI cannot completely replace electricians because their work requires adapting to complex and unpredictable electrical systems, troubleshooting and ensuring safety. Electricians must also interact with customers, making interpersonal skills and judgment critical in areas where AI struggles.

16. Welder and mold maker

IM score: 28

These professionals work on different projects with different materials, thicknesses and shapes and require precise control and expertise. They must make real-time adjustments based on visual and tactile feedback, which AI is currently struggling to replicate accurately. Welding and molding also require creativity and innovation in problem solving for complex and non-standard projects. It should be noted that underwater welders are one of the The most dangerous jobs in the world.

15. Agricultural equipment operator

IM score: 30

Agriculture often involves complex decisions based on weather conditions, soil quality, and crop maturity that require human judgment. Additionally, farming often involves working in unstructured and dynamic environments where artificial intelligence rarely performs reliably. Reinforcement learning is one of the techniques used to train artificial intelligence models in such tasks, and this technique is full of challenges, namely to train the model to learn optimal behavior.

14. Clergymen and religious leaders

IM score: 34

Artificial intelligence lacks the human qualities of “spirituality” and moral judgment that are necessary for clergy and religious leaders. These roles include personal and emotional connections that guide people through faith and the complexities of life. one of Jobs that artificial intelligence cannot replace.

13. Nurses

IM score: 35

Nurses provide emotional support, prescribe medication for patients, and make quick and ethical decisions. Because human touch and intuition are critical in nursing, AI cannot fully replicate these capabilities. In addition, when a person is sick, the warmth of human support becomes essential. Therefore, nursing is one of Jobs that AI will probably never replace.

12. Personal shoppers and stylists

IM score: 39

Personal shoppers and stylists have a complex human understanding of fashion trends and personal preferences. AI may help with suggestions, but it cannot understand unique individual styles, emotions, and cultural nuances. one of Jobs that AI can’t replace, even chatGPT.

11. Chefs and cooking experts

IM score: 40

AI can never replace culinary experts because of the subtle artistry, innovation, and sensory experiences of these experts that AI cannot achieve. It can help with recipe generation and optimization, but it can’t match their holistic culinary expertise.

10. Fashion designer

IM score: 42

Artificial intelligence in fashion design lacks the intuition and cultural awareness that human designers have. It can analyze data and generate designs, but it cannot add the artistic flair and wave of trends that make fashion designers creatively unique and adaptable to changing styles and tastes.

9. Emergency responders

IM score: 44

AI cannot replace emergency responders such as firefighters, as their role requires rapid physical responses to rapidly changing and life-threatening situations. Firefighters require complex decision-making and physical strength, often in unpredictable situations. one of Jobs that artificial intelligence cannot replace.

8. Musicians

IM score: 46

It is unlikely that the jobs of artists such as musicians will be completely replaced by artificial intelligence, as creativity, emotion and the ability to convey relevant human experiences are integral to art. For example, AI can make music, but it can’t infuse it with the personal experiences and emotions that make it truly meaningful.

7. Social workers

IM score: 47

AI cannot completely replace social workers because their role has deeply human and emotionally sensitive aspects. Social work requires understanding and dealing with complex, personal and often traumatic situations. one of Jobs that cannot be automated by artificial intelligence.

6. Carpenters

IM score: 48

Carpenters create custom wood structures and require creativity, skill and adaptability. one of Jobs that AI cannot replace anytime soon.

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