Which Quest 2 games have Quest 3 improvements?

Will all Quest 2 games get the Quest 3 upgrade?

All Oculus Quest 2 games are compatible with Meta Quest 3, with the faster Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 and extra RAM giving you 100% faster loading times and 30% higher resolution by default.

For other enhancements, such as adding new textures, game assets, dynamic shadows and lighting, and mixed reality elements, developers will need to update their games to take advantage of the Quest 3 updates.

So far, we’ve seen a few Quest 2 games with new updates for Quest 3, but we can expect more to come.

At the same time, despite Quest 3’s many improvements over Quest 2, the millions of Quest 2 owners still represent a larger audience, meaning they should still get the same games moving forward — just at a significant discount.

How the Quest 2 games have been improved for Quest 3

You’ll find two main types of graphical enhancements in Quest 3: graphical and performance improvements like those shown in the Red Matter 2 comparison video above, and mixed reality-specific additions to games originally designed for VR.

Red Matter 2 surprised us with how good it looked despite Quest 2’s limited hardware. However, thanks to the Quest 3’s hardware enhancements, bot developer Vertical can add PC VR-quality textures, shadows, lighting, and other enhancements for Quest 3 owners. In fact, according to co-founder Norman Schaar, the Quest 3 version should have been improved More Computer port in some ways:

“Because of the pancake lenses and just the resolution, we were seeing textures that weren’t clear on PC that were less than maybe they should be. So even the textures on PC, we had to go back to Quest 3 and in their specifics increase even more.”

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