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published: 2023-10-22T17:00:37

updated: 2023-10-22T17:00:47

A Pokemon Go player who had his Raid prize Shiny Darkrai run away took to Reddit to share his frustration with the devastating glitch.

For those who don’t know, Raids are the backbone of Pokemon Go’s endgame activities. For players who have caught a powerful Pokemon, going to a local Raid and trying to take out the boss is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the game.

These events also offer the chance to get the most important prizes when the Boss Pokemon takes over the gym. In addition to winning tons of valuable items and XP, there’s also a chance to catch a newly defeated Pokemon.

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Now, one user has taken to Reddit to express his deep frustration over the glitch that has resulted in the loss of a super-rare Pokemon.

Darkrai’s shiny escapes despite a possible 100% chance of capture

Unlike the normal post-raid catch stages, if a shiny version of the Pokemon drops, it’s a 100% catch chance. This is primarily due to the small probability of its reduction in the first place.

So when Reddit user PrestyRS saw that Shiny Darkrai had fallen during the capture phase, they figured they’d be going home with a brand new legend.

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Unfortunately, a seemingly rare glitch occurred, with the affected player saying: Shiny Pokemon have a 100% Raids rate, but mine still escaped. I’m in complete shock and confusion, I don’t know how this glitch happened.

The misfortune of PrestyRS did not end there. After contacting developer Niantic for support along with full video and photographic evidence of the issue, they were told: After thorough investigation, our records show that you have successfully completed or previously completed the mentioned Raid Raid problem you have been refunded. As no Raid issues were found, we cannot reimburse you for this claim.

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At the time of writing, this issue has not yet been further confirmed or otherwise resolved.

Although many users are here to simply express their sympathy, others have shared their stories of satisfying interactions with Niantic support. As the developer shows little sign of wanting to help, this bug may mean the player never gets their shiny Darkrai.

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