The Women’s Chapter of the Computing Machinery Association aims to empower women in the field of computer science

The Society for Computing Machinery’s Women’s Chapter provides mentorship, leadership and scholarship opportunities to help empower and motivate women in computer science.

Deepshikha Bhati, professor of computer science and vice president of ACM-W, said the chapter is growing and empowering women to pursue different careers in the field.

She said the organization provides many resources to women in technology. We invite women who work in the industry to come and talk to the students and provide them with resources on how to pursue a career. They help motivate students to continue working in the field.

Kent Chapter of the ACM-W States Started on August 5, 2019 and for any student interested in learning to improve the working and learning environment for women in technology can join. The group regularly organizes gatherings where female students interested in the technology can meet and interact with each other.

Once a year, the Ohio Women in Computer Science Celebration Conference is held, where other sections of students involved in ACM-W from various universities attend. particle for direct object Conference It includes various workshops for students to attend as well as various speakers discussing the industry for women.

Bhati took female students of various technology disciplines to the conference on February 24-25. The women were from different backgrounds and ethnicities Present At this conference, which allowed students to connect with other women in computer related fields.

If I have a class full of 50 students, only about 10 of them are girls. She said there is a major gender gap in the computer science program. Companies are making progress and providing more benefits to women working in this field, but it is still a male-dominated field.

The awareness that is created about the gender gap and pay scale leads to more women’s rights movements, which allows for continued improvement for women in the industry, Bhatti said.

While the trend is improving, there is still room for improvement, he said. With organizations like ACM-W, we help empower women and show them that there are resources available to help them achieve their goals.

Bhati said that a female mentor can be a great help to women to explore more in this field.

Having a mentor or role model to help them can boost their confidence in pursuing this field of study, she said. There are many different areas in computer science, such as programming and data analysis. Contact ACM-W and various other workshops and help spread the word to help motivate women to pursue this field.

Molly Hoffer is a digital technologist. You can contact him [email protected].

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