Outdoor gaming can become a thing with Meta Quest 3

Meta Quest 3 is better suited for outdoor play than its predecessor. This may change how you use the headset.

I tried playing Meta Quest 2 outdoors a few times. It only worked in very cloudy skies or at dusk. Otherwise, the controllers were not detected, probably because the sensors were too sensitive to direct sunlight.

With the Quest 3, that no longer seems to be the case: Since its launch, videos on Twitter have been pouring in of VR enthusiasts testing the headset outdoors, exposing it to direct sunlight with no tracking issues.

Of course, you still need to be careful with such tests, because lenses exposed to direct light can damage the display in a very short time. For this reason, you should protect the lenses from sunlight before and after using the headset.

When playing outdoors, put safety first

While outdoor play is certainly not a use case that the meta approves of, it’s worth a try. Of course, on the condition that you ensure the safety of yourself and others. Under no circumstances should you play virtual reality outdoors alone and unsupervised.

Quest 3, unlike Quest 2, is designed for mixed reality, and mixed reality games can be especially engaging outdoors. Passthrough ensures that the physical environment becomes part of the game, which also makes the experience safer. You will also have more space to move in parks, sports fields and playgrounds than at home.

The beginning of outdoor mixed reality

I wonder if we’ll see more games on the Meta Quest 3 and other standalone mixed reality headsets optimized for outdoor use in the next few years, and if connected devices will increasingly follow suit. Sounds like a lot of potential.

Ten years ago, it was almost unimaginable that we would one day have headsets that could be used outdoors without sensors, cables or an external computer. Oculus Quest made this dream a reality. And with Meta Quest 3, outdoor augmented reality can become a reality for many people for the first time.

What is the next step for this technology? Smaller and lighter devices, more powerful mixed reality, or something else entirely? The future is exciting.

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Image Source : mixed-news.com

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