How to share internet with bluetooth connection between two android devices

Need to quickly share your internet connection with another Android phone? Connecting to the Internet with Bluetooth is a good way to do it. Here’s how to set it up.

Want to share your Android phone’s internet connection with another Android device while saving battery life? Don’t look for Bluetooth internet connection. Setting up and using a Bluetooth Internet connection for Internet sharing is a simple process, and this guide will guide you through each step with ease. Lets start.

What is bluetooth tethering?

Bluetooth tethering is a convenient way to share your Android phone’s Internet connection with another device, such as a laptop or smartphone. It works by creating a wireless Bluetooth connection between two devices, allowing the second device to access the Internet through the mobile data or Wi-Fi connection of the first device.

How to set up a Bluetooth connection between two Android phones

Your Android phone can share its internet connection via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB connection. Among these, connecting to the Internet with Bluetooth is the safest and least troublesome option.

While connecting to the Internet with Bluetooth is slower than Wi-Fi and USB, it is more energy efficient. Here is how to use bluetooth connection to share internet between two android mobiles. Note that the menus may be slightly different depending on the device you are using, but the basic steps will be the same.

  1. Turn on Mobile Data on the Android phone you want to share the internet from, or connect it to a Wi-Fi network if you want.
  2. open Settings Program and head to Connections > Mobile hotspot and Internet connection.
  3. Turn on the side switch Internet connection with Bluetooth.
  4. On another Android device, long press the button Bluetooth icon in the Quick Settings panel.
  5. Turn on the Bluetooth switch and tap on the device that is sharing the Internet.
  6. Accept the pairing request on both devices.
  7. After both devices are paired, make sure that Internet connection sharing The toggle is activated on the Android phone that is sharing the internet connection by going to Connections > Bluetooth and select the paired Bluetooth device.

If you have problems pairing devices, you can easily fix Bluetooth problems on Android by restarting both phones or clearing the Bluetooth cache.

Unlike Wi-Fi hotspots, Bluetooth tethering can only be used to share the Internet connection with one device at a time. Also, connecting to the Internet with Bluetooth typically has a range of up to 30 feet, but it’s preferable to keep your devices much closer than that.

Easily share the internet of your Android phone with another device

That’s all there is! You should now be able to share your Android phone’s internet connection with another Android device using Bluetooth tethering. Likewise, you can also use Bluetooth connectivity to share your Android phone’s internet with your computer.

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