An AI entrepreneur fasts 23 hours a day to reach “the most extreme levels.”

Michael Koch says he usually eats one meal a day.

  • Michael Koch is the founder and CEO of HubKonnect, an artificial intelligence platform.
  • He eats the same meal every day around noon, which is rich in protein.
  • He said his diet is not about health, but about optimizing his performance as an entrepreneur.

The founder of an artificial intelligence platform says he eats the same meal every day because it helps him perform at his peak.

Michael Koch generally fasts 23 hours a day and eats around noon. He fasts for 48 hours once every few weeks and 72 hours once a month. She told Insider the program puts her body in a state that is “very, very focused.”

It’s all part of what the HubKonnect CEO calls his “cognitive protocol,” a rigorous set of diet, exercise, work, and sleep habits he follows to optimize performance, which he describes in his recent book, “Performance CEO” are detailed.

Koch, 45, is most enthusiastic Intermittent fasting: “The benefits of this are amazing from a cognitive perspective as well as from a physical perspective.”

His protocol is not about health. The former college athlete said he’s used to eating healthy and working out. However, when he started doing more business, Koch says he realized he had to change his habits to keep up with his workload.

He consulted medical experts, biohackers, monks, athletes, and experimented on himself to develop the protocol he has been following for the past five years. “It’s strictly a protocol for entrepreneurs who want to go to the most extreme levels so they can have the best work to build,” Koch explained.

Here’s what Koch eats and drinks every day

On most days, Koch wakes up around 4 am And he eats 24 ounces of “super water” containing half a teaspoon of vitamin C, minerals and a quarter teaspoon of salt. Then he has his first cup of organic black coffee.

By 4:20 a.m., he’s down to his second cup of coffee, which he fortifies with a milliliter of milk and L-tinine. Supplements that have been shown to improve mental performance.

After three to four hours of work and a strength training session followed by 3 grams of creatine and 85 ounces of water, he eats lunch around 12 p.m. He says he eats at this time because it gives his body enough time to digest food so he can sleep better.

He starts his lunch with two cups of organic bone broth. Then, he eats some type of protein, either grass-fed beef or wild-caught salmon, in proportion to his body weight. The quantity helps him to retain The right amount of muscle massHe said.

From there, he has two ounces of organ meats, such as liver, and four pasture-raised eggs. He finishes his meal with an avocado, 40 raspberries, a quarter cup of pecans and 50 grams of cottage cheese.

“This meal gives me all the right nutrients that my brain needs to heal and function,” she said.

He drinks another cup of coffee with collagen around 2 p.m. and finishes another 85 ounces of water by 5 p.m. After that time he said he stopped drinking all liquids as well.

Koch says this approach works for him: “There’s no ‘one size fits all’ bias. It’s me sharing what I need to do to be productive.”

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