VR headsets could soon have extensive wireless amplification

With the launch of the Meta Quest 3 and Ray-Ban Meta Glasses, mixed reality is a hot topic in the tech world. But, what’s next? It can be good Wi-Fi that makes a big step forward possible.

We were impressed with the Meta Quest 3 in our review, but without a doubt, headsets focused on mobile experiences and using mobile processors have their limitations. That’s why we’re seeing devices that aim to deliver high-end gaming to connect to consoles or PCs using wires or admittedly shaky wireless connections. Now, an FCC approval in the US could give the latter a big boost.

A big hope for PSVR 2 was that it might be a wireless offering, but it wasn’t, and one has to assume the technology didn’t exist yet. This may change with 6GHz Wi-Fi. Companies like Apple, Meta, Microsoft, and Google had hoped that the FCC in the US would allow them to use the fast 6GHz Wi-Fi spectrum over short distances to connect wireless devices, and this has been approved (via The Verge ).

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Wi-Fi standards aren’t the most exciting topics, but the move appears to enable tech companies in the US to offer richer and more powerful virtual and augmented reality experiences. But there are limitations.

The 6 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum was originally opened up for use by routers and devices such as phones, laptops, and more. But augmented reality and virtual reality headsets were not included. The new rules allow lower power operation over short distances or higher power operation if the use is geofenced so as not to interfere with the permitted use of 6 GHz.

The results could be game-changing for powerful augmented reality and virtual reality experiences over Wi-Fi. This makes it possible that the PSVR 3 could very well become a wireless device, as well as potentially enhancing current Wi-Fi streaming experiences. Think connecting VR devices to PCs, like what’s possible with the Meta Quest headsets, and beefing up the connectivity capabilities of your Mac devices, like what we’re about to see with the Apple Vision Pro.

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