The closest thing to an official Midjourney app is now free to download

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  • You can now access the Midjourneys tool through a new app.
  • Niji Journey uses this service to create animated characters and scenes.
  • This app is available for free download, but you need a Midjourney subscription.

Midjourney is one of the best AI image generator tools on the market. It is easy to use and produces excellent results. Until now, its functionality was limited to its Discord chat app. Now, you can get a taste of Midjourney through its first app experience.

As by VentureBeat, the Niji Journey app uses Midjourneys’ generative AI to generate animated characters and scenes from text messages. Although this app is mainly for anime lovers and not solely developed by Midjourney, you can generate normal images by switching in a certain mode.

Itinerary between Niji travel

Andy Walker / Android Authority

The set of settings and features is confusingly extensive, but this app delivers these things well. Users can combine two images and fine-tune background details or character features, enhance an image or zoom in on a scene, and switch between different animation styles. You can also browse a feed of images made by the community.

Notably, this app is free to download and you will get 20 free generations at first. However, to use services beyond this, you must pay for Midjourney itself. Older users can use their Discord details to access app features.

Where is the official Midjourney app?

Midjourney is considering releasing its app, but the company did not provide a timetable for release. However, the service is set to gain new features this month, from advanced settings for 4000×4000 resolution images and more style settings for users.

Niji Journey is the closest you’ll get to Midjourney on your phone, at least for now. Download it for Android or iOS below.

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