Samsung wants to sell 20 million foldable devices by 2024, including the thinner Galaxy Z Fold 6

Foldable smartphones are still relatively new, but as Samsung prepares to launch its sixth generation, the company plans to sell 20 million foldable devices by 2024.

A report from Sieve It reveals that Samsung plans to sell 20 million foldable devices next year, surpassing its target of 15 million for 2023. This new target means that Samsung aims to sell as much in 2024 as the market alone was projected to sell. The whole year 2023

That’s a great goal, especially considering the competition is tougher than ever. In the US, Samsung now has real competition, with the Motorola Razr+ and Razr (2023) offering flip phones that rival the Galaxy Z Flip 5 at the flagship level or price. Samsung now has to contend with Google’s Pixel Fold and the OnePlus Open, which competes with the Galaxy Z Fold 5. Both of these devices offer better cameras and larger exterior screens than the Samsung foldable.

And in the Chinese market, everything is even more competitive. Brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, and Honor are pushing the boundaries of foldable hardware. For example, earlier this year Honro released the foldable Magic V2 with ultra-thin hardware that slimmed Samsung’s device down by about 4mm.

In an effort to stay competitive against Chinese devices, Samsung is reportedly planning to make the Galaxy Z Fold 6 a slimmer display, but there’s no word on how thin it will be. The Galaxy Z Fold 5 when closed is 13.4mm, which is thicker than the OnePlus Open (11.7mm) and the Google Pixel Fold (12.1mm).

Whether a thinner device is enough to help boost Samsung’s foldable sales, this year’s minor update certainly didn’t make much of a difference. Currently, Samsung is expected to ship around 10 million foldable devices in 2023, which is far short of its target, meaning that next year’s target should be double the total.

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