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VR fans have more choice than ever as the headset market continues to grow and you can get your hands on the Meta Quest Pro and Quest 3 right now. But, which is the better option? Here’s a comparison of both headsets to help you make your purchasing decisions.

After a long wait, Meta Quest 3 is finally here. The new headset comes with many improvements, but its release also marks the discontinuation of the more expensive Quest Pro.

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Quest 3 is a big upgrade over Quest 2, with key improvements like improved controllers, lenses, and a sleek design. It’s also much more affordable than the Quest Pro, selling for a low $499, while the Pro will set you back $999.

While the Quest 3 seems like the most affordable option and offers a great VR experience at a much lower price, you might want to know about all the differences between these high-end devices before you buy. So, here is a complete comparison between both Meta products.

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  • Meta Quest 3 price: $499 (128GB) or $649 (512GB)
  • Meta Quest Pro Price: $999.99

Like Quest 2, Quest 3 is introduced at an affordable price. It starts at $499 for the 128GB version, while the 512GB version costs $649. Meta Quest 3 will begin retail sales on October 10th.

The Quest Pro was launched at $1,499.99. However, it dropped to $999.99, making this professional-grade mixed reality headset a little more affordable.

There is a big difference in the price of these two headsets which their target user base can explain. Quest 3 is designed for both MR/VR enthusiasts and casual users. The Quest Pro was always intended for Pro users because it came with advanced technology, unlike many other headsets.

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Technical Specifications

The base variant of the Quest 3 comes with 128GB of internal storage, while the higher-end version has 512GB of internal storage. The Quest Pro, however, only comes in one version and comes with 256GB of storage out of the box.

The Quest 3 has the new Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 SoC under the hood. This is a new chipset that performs better than the Quest 2. Quest Pro, on the other hand, has a powerful and proven Qualcomm Snapdragon XR2+ chipset. It is known for its raw processing prowess and power efficiency. We’ll have to wait for a head-to-head performance comparison when we get our hands on the Quest 3.

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The Quest 3 comes with improved Touch Plus controllers, which do not come with external tracking rings. These controllers also come with TruTouch Haptics on the Touch Pro Quest Pro controllers.

The release also notes that users can even upgrade to our fully self-tracking Meta Quest Touch Pro controllers for a premium experience, noting that the Touch Pro controllers are the more feature-rich of the two.

While the Quest 3 is more compact than its predecessor, it is a few grams heavier. The Quest Pro is already compact and comfortable to wear for long hours thanks to its ergonomic design.

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Both headsets have Pancake lenses, although the resolution on the Quest 3 seems higher.



The Quest 3s design is an iterative update from the previous model, with a plastic build that justifies its retail price. Thanks to the pancake lens, the headset is more compact than the Quest 2, which was bulkier and had Fresnel lenses.

Fortunately, both headsets have newer pancake lenses that let you wear your prescription glasses. The Quest Pro is designed to distribute weight in the head compared to the Quest 3, which feels heavier in the front.

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Both headsets will have access to the same game library. While the Quest Pro is a premium headset with a powerful chipset under the hood, the Quest 3 has a new chipset and is expected to offer almost all the premium features at a more affordable price. Since the Quest 3s Snapdragon XR2 Gen 2 is more powerful, you should expect your games to run smoother on the newer device.

Even the Quest 3’s controllers have been upgraded, borrowing features from its higher-end sibling. Both headsets can connect to a PC and have wireless hand-tracking features, which means they’re also on the same level.

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Which should you buy?

Meta Quest Pro vs Meta Quest 3Dexterto

While the Quest Pro is a more expensive and premium device, it’s on the way. The company is currently looking to reduce production of the Quest Pros in favor of the Quest 3.

Features-wise, both headsets are pretty much on par, as Meta has pointed out that it has democratized the superior features of the Quest Pros to the newer and shinier Quest 3.

We didn’t get hands-on with the Quest 3s chipset, but we expected a slight performance improvement. However, the new chipset is expected to be compatible with more modern games and apps, making it slightly more functional than the older Snapdragon Quest Pros.

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When it comes to picking up a headset from the Meta Quest Pro vs the Meta Quest 3, it makes more sense to wait for the Quest 3 to arrive. It has a new chipset under the hood, may have unique features and most importantly, it is more affordable.

The Quest Pro has also reached the end of its life cycle and the company will soon end software support for this headset, which makes investing in this headset a poor choice.

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