DISH wants to give you cheap 5G home internet, and hopes the FCC will help with the rise of Cord Cutting 2.0 | News of cutting the umbilical cord

Cord cutters have long dreamed of having real options when it comes to Internet service. Finally, cablers can now cancel their cable TV service and cable internet service and ditch cable TV altogether thanks to new options like 5G home internet. This movement has started what is known as cord cutting 2.0.

Now, DISH is reportedly hoping to launch its own 5G home Internet service using its 800 MHz spectrum. To do just that, Charlie Ergen traveled to Washington, D.C., to ask regulators to free up the 12 GHz band for his Internet service, according to LightReading. Not only that, but DISH is also asking the FCC to invest the $9 billion it set aside for 5G Internet into DISH’s new 5G Internet service.

So what is Cord Cutting 2.0? Cord Cutting 1.0 cuts the cord on cable TV. Now in 2023, cord cutting 2.0 is about cutting the cord on the home internet and getting new options.

Cord Cutting 2.0 is off to a strong start in 2023 as T-Mobile and Verizon added 893,000 new 5G home internet customers in the second quarter of the month alone. That’s on top of the 523,000 5G home internet customers T-Mobile added in the first quarter of 2023.

Now it looks like DISH may jump into cord-cutting 2.0 and launch a home Internet service. During the DISH and Echostars earnings calls this week, DISH said they are looking at 5G home internet as a possible new service to offer.

Currently, DISH owns the majority of the 12GHz spectrum, which many believe is best suited for 5G home internet. DISH needs FCC approval to use this spectrum, which was recently opened. This recent trip to DC was part of DISH’s effort to get the FCC to approve its plan to provide 5G home internet.

To do all this DISH still needs to raise $3.6 billion to complete the purchase of T-Mobiles spectrum it hopes to use for the service. DISH has until April 1, 2024 to do so, but must pay T-Mobile $100 million to renew.

DISH has previously said it believes the 12GHz band is perfect for providing Internet service to millions of customers in rural America.

The 12 GHz band represents 500 MHz of spectrum that can be licensed for higher power fixed service without causing harmful interference to existing services, the company wrote in its latest hearings with FCC officials. Dish once again emphasized that the commission can and should act quickly to unlock the power of the 5G-ready spectrum in this band.

The launch of 5G home internet service by DISH is another option to get rid of expensive cable internet. Currently, Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T offer 5G home Internet, and DISH will be the fourth option for many Americans. This, along with new fiber options, internet from space and more, will finally bring real options to Americans looking to ditch cable internet.

For years, cable companies relied on their Internet services to make up for losses with television. Cable companies now face real competition in the home Internet world, something they haven’t faced in a long time. This has caused some cable TV companies to see a decline in the growth of their Internet services in 2023.

Cordless 2.0 may still be in its early days, but a growing number of Americans are beginning to look for cheaper options for the Internet. Like the early days of cord cutting, this movement is picking up speed with no signs of slowing down.

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