Android’s built-in QR scanner will soon help you add authorization to Google Wallet


  • Google Wallet expanded its functionality to include the ability to scan and store various types of permits, such as flight tickets and smart health cards, using Android’s default QR code scanner.
  • Code in the latest Google Play Services beta shows that Android’s built-in QR code scanner will soon get the feature, allowing you to scan licenses from your Quick Settings panel.
  • Users can easily add passports to Google Wallet by scanning them directly or using the “Scan from photo” option in the QR code scanner.

These days, digital wallets are more than just payment platforms – they’re comprehensive tools for managing all kinds of cards and credentials. Google Wallet, for example, supports loyalty cards, digital car keys, and even driver’s licenses and IDs in some states. Building on this, a recent update shows that Google Wallet is about to become more versatile, with Android’s default QR code scanner intended to help users add authorization directly to the app.

Previously, Google Wallet introduced a feature that allows users to scan boarding pass barcodes or QR codes from photos to store them digitally in the app. According to AssembleDebug in SP Android, Google Play Services beta version 23.42 has the ability to scan pass photos, screenshots, and even smart health cards directly through Android’s built-in QR scanner. For the uninitiated, these smart health cards are essentially QR code certificates that contain vital vaccine-related information about the holder.

The process is simple. Users can directly scan a physical pass or use the “Scan from photo” option to capture QR codes from existing images. After detecting a valid QR code, the system will display an “Add to Wallet” notification. Tapping the associated “Add” button will direct users to the Google Wallet app, pre-scanned with pass details, ready to save. This integration of QR scanning functionality into Android’s default QR scanner is not only new, but also functional. It eliminates the need to open the Google Wallet app separately to scan IDs and health cards, saving valuable time.

Android’s default QR code scanner is an optional quick settings tile. To add it, swipe down twice from the top of the screen to fully expand the notification shade. Next, tap the edit pencil shape button, then scroll through the list of available tiles. Once you find the QR scanner, simply drag it to the top of the menu and place it among your active Quick Settings tiles.

Enthusiasts with rooted devices can even take things up a notch. By tweaking a few flags in Google Play Services beta version 23.42 using GappsMod, they can access this feature before the full launch. You need the GAppsMod app available on Github and you want the following two flags for the Closed:



The tech giant just reintroduced Google Wallet last year, separating it from Google Pay. The goal of this move was clear: to turn it into a holistic platform not only for storing credit cards, but to completely replace traditional bills. It seems that Google is well on its way to achieving this goal.

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