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published: 2023-10-19T21:55:37

updated: 2023-10-19T21:55:47

Pokemon Go trainers need a useful quality of fife feature to make its way to Pokemon Go Plus+ accessories.

Niantic introduced the Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory in July 2023, which makes it possible to automatically catch Pokemon and rotate PokeStops without having to constantly check your phone.

While many players find the $55 accessory useful in many ways, it certainly isn’t without its flaws.

Right now, Pokemon Go fans are clamoring for a big quality-of-life feature to make their way into the Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory to help catch some rare Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go trainers want the filter system to be added to Pokemon Go Plus+

A post on the Pokemon Go subreddit sparked discussion among fans after a user named PhilledZone talked about an unfortunate loss he made while playing the mobile game.

I lost a Masterball on this one today because my Pokmon GO Plus+ tried to catch it automatically, the trainer explained. how bad i failed (come on man why can’t we have pokemon filters for this thing)

Since the OP managed to get a screenshot of the encounter, what probably happened was that the automatic transmission was already locked on the wild Galarian Articuno. When the trainer tried to simply use his main ball on it, the automatic transmission overpowered the manual input and the bird fled before it could be caught.

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Some fans tried to make the OP feel better by saying, I just checked the IV chart, and it wasn’t a problem. I hope this makes you feel better.

Others noted that thanks to things like this, they stopped using the auto capture feature when using daily incense. I stopped taking the pen during daily fumigation because it happened to me exactly twice.

While some fans criticized the OP for using auto-capture when activating daily incense, others agreed that the filter is a useful and simple tool to avoid situations like this.

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I agree. But oh no it’s not your fault you activated your incense! One fan said they explained further, the truth is having a filter to tell PoGo++ not to automatically catch certain Pokemon.

Whether or not Niantic will implement a feature like this remains to be seen, but many Pokemon Go Plus+ owners will appreciate it.

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