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In a recent New Yorker article, Kyle Chaika poses a scary question: When was the last time you had fun on the Internet?

For his example of pure online entertainment, he mentions a retro flash game site, but I have a more recent answer: the last time I had fun on the internet was about an hour ago, when I found this TikTok account that It uses artificial intelligence. Make Homer Simpson sing 90s and 00s rock songs like “Smells Like Teen Spirit.”

The visionary – who goes by the name @mememusic117 – uses a program called Voicify AI to generate deepfakes of sound, combined with Blender to create animated scenes.

I cannot understate the joy this TikTok account has brought me. I woke up at 2am last night with a terrible, inexplicable allergic reaction, so I went ahead and canceled my afternoon calls due to the long-term consequences of having a human body on this mortal coil. But then the algorithm gave me a gift: I saw Homer Simpson singing Queens of the Stone Age inside a Minecraft castle while Optimus Prime and Shrek danced in the crowd. It’s like non-sleepy Benadryl has been injected into my veins. In fact, these TikToks sound like something my brain would come up with during an antihistamine-induced nap, but I know for a fact that it’s not an actual fever dream (because, as I discovered last night, Unfortunately I don’t. Have any benadryl that’s kind of problematic given the circumstances!).

It’s the perfect use of AI: it’s tangibly improved my day, and probably done no real harm in the process, assuming Homer Simpson and Brandon Flowers’ voice actors can take a joke.

But, like most good things on the Internet, the more you think about Homer Simpson’s rock ‘n’ roll cover band, the more you start to see cracks.

On a Discord server, I came across a video of Homer Simpson singing “RU Mine?” I gave a link. by Arctic Monkeys and declared it my new favorite video on the internet. But when I think of my other favorites, there’s something cut from the same cloth: the goof singing Evanescence’s “Bring Me to Life,” which was posted nine years ago and has more than 11 million views on YouTube. Only in that video, the voice behind Emo Goofy is a real person with real voice acting talent.

Can the joy of Homer Simpson singing Green Day compare to the joy of a guy on YouTube who did a really good prank while singing Evanescence?

Judging by @mememusic117’s work, Voicify AI has very strong technology. However, any product that allows you to pay to manipulate a Taylor Swift AI or an Ariana Grande AI will raise a red flag. Do you remember what happened when the Weeknd’s AI-produced Drake ft.

The Drake/Weeknd song blew up so much that Universal Music Group, the publisher of both artists, filed a slew of DMCA takedowns to wipe the bootlegs off the internet. But the song lives on, because once something goes viral, it can never really go away.

Although some artists like YACHT go out of their way to train artificial intelligence on their music to create new songs, artists like Drake and the Weeknd have not agreed to tampering with their copyrighted artwork. But, as we’ve discussed at length, copyright law isn’t well-equipped to make definitive judgments about what AI-derivative works are fair game, so it’s the Wild West out there.

It’s not that exciting to me when I see AI deepfakes of dead songwriters like John Lennon or Kurt Cobain singing contemporary songs. So why is Homer Simpson so happy covering Nirvana? Maybe it’s because Homer Simpson isn’t a real person, and we can enjoy the silliness of it all without worrying about how really, really, really good deepfake technology has gotten, and we still don’t know how to deal with it. . But still, there is a real person who voices Homer Simpson, and real people who wrote, designed, and conceptualized him.

Neither Voicify AI nor @mememusic117 responded to requests for comment. But I was fascinated by this anonymous person @mememusic117 who has been posting on TikTok since 2020, mostly as a faceless meme collector. The account is now approaching 40,000 followers for its Homer Simpson covers, but each video has a text overlay credited to Voicify’s AI. The user can only give credit where it’s due, but I’ve considered the possibility that this might be a meme account run by the company itself, even though I don’t have concrete evidence.

In the hypercapitalist hellscape of the Internet, where almost everything we touch is smeared with the fingerprints of big corporations or venture capital startups, I almost go out of my way to spoil my fun.

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