AI chief scientist Meta says AI does not threaten humans

According to an interview with the Financial Times, the chief artificial intelligence (AI) scientist at Meta said it was premature to worry about the existential risks of the technology.

On October 19, the FT quoted Yann LeCun as saying that premature regulation of AI technology would reinforce the dominance of big tech companies and leave no room for competition.

He said that regulating research and development in artificial intelligence is incredibly counterproductive. LeCun believes regulators are using artificial intelligence as a safety net for what he calls surveillance recording.

As the AI ​​boom really took off after the release of OpenAIs ChatGPT-4 chatbot in November 2022, various thought leaders in the industry emerged and announced threats to humanity posed by AI.

Dr. Geoffrey Hinton, known as the godfather of artificial intelligence, left his machine learning position at Google to talk about the dangers of artificial intelligence.

AI Safety Director Dan Hendricks tweeted in May that reducing the risk of AI extinction should become a global priority on par with other societal-scale risks such as pandemics and nuclear war.

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However, on the same topic, LeCun said in his latest interview that the idea that artificial intelligence is killing humanity is ridiculous.

It’s premature to discuss existential risk until we have a design for a system that can even compete with a cat’s learning abilities, which we don’t currently have.

He also claimed that current models of artificial intelligence are not as capable as some claim, saying that they do not understand how the world works and are unable to plan or reason.

According to LeCun, he expects AI to eventually help manage our daily lives, saying that everyone’s interactions with the digital world will be mediated by AI systems.

However, fears surrounding the power of this technology remain a concern among many. An adviser to the Artificial Intelligence Task Force in the UK has warned that artificial intelligence could threaten humanity within two years.

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