Meta Quest 3: These VR games are getting a graphical upgrade

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Meta Quest 3 is about to be released and some studios are already planning to optimize their VR games.

On October 10, 2023, the time has come: the new VR/AR headset Meta Quest 3 will be released. The third generation Quest will be backwards compatible. This means you can use all the VR games in your library that you purchased for Quest, Quest 2 or Quest Pro with Quest 3.

Several development studios have already announced that they will be adapting their VR games to take advantage of Quest 3’s improved performance, and this article summarizes the most important announcements.

Drop Dead: Dual Strike and Drop Dead: The Cabin

Zombie shooter Drop Dead: The Cabin is getting a graphical upgrade and a mixed reality mode called Home Invasion for the Quest 3. Developer Soul Assembly also plans to remake its previous version of Drop Dead: Dual Strike, which was previously released in Quest 1. Meta’s current VR headset showed the differences between Quest 1 and Quest 3 in a short clip.

Spire 2

Publisher Tripwire Interactive showed off a mixed reality version of the Espire 2 in July, which will be released on October 10. The update also improves the VR version, which should greatly benefit from the stealth adventure atmosphere.

According to developer studio LODE, the free update will include lighting and volumetric fog effects, a four- to eight-fold increase in texture resolution, and a revised Espire Vision mode.

Golf +

VR golfers can look forward to a much more beautiful Golf+ in Quest 3. This update brings richer grass, clearer textures, and improved lighting and shadow effects to the official PGA Tour VR game, which launches on October 12.

The front line of guards

Fast Travel Games announces a free update for VR HaloGuardians Frontline, available with the launch of Quest 3. Improvements include ambient effects, reflections, shaders, real-time shadows, procedural vegetation, and more.


Hubris is already a feast for the eyes on PC VR and PSVR 2. With the graphical update for Quest 3, the action adventure will also be much more beautiful on mobile VR headsets. The developers have announced double resolution, higher frame rates, higher resolution textures, improved lighting and anisotropic filtering.

Population: one person

Crowd: One’s improvements to Quest 3 were showcased in a developer keynote during Connect 2023 (see video).

Meta Game’s free-to-play battle royale shooter should make the most of Quest 3’s improved frame rate (90 Hz) and resolution jump from 1440 1584 to 2064 2208 pixels. Textures also look much sharper.

Red substance 2

The new Red Matter 2 was previously part of Meta Connect 2023 and served as a showcase title for the power of Quest 3 with its improved graphics. Meanwhile, developer studio Vertical Robot has announced extensive details on the Quest 3 update for Red Matter 2.

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners

In addition to Red Matter 2, The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (2) was also part of the Quest 2 vs. Quest 3 graphics comparison on Meta Connect. A Quest 3 update with much more detail and improved graphics is scheduled for release in the fall.


Indie VR developer Thomas van den Berge has announced significant improvements to his painting app Vermillion, launching on October 10. According to van den Berge, the canvas will have exceptional clarity and visual quality. He gives a sneak peek in the comparison video below.

Virtual desktop

The popular app for wirelessly streaming PC content to mobile VR headsets is getting a big update with numerous tweaks to get you ready with Meta Quest 3 in time for its October 10 release. Among other things, Virtual Desktop in Quest 3 supports AV1 codecs, resulting in smoother movement in VR.

Zenit: The last city

The Zenith: The Last City update is also available to launch Quest 3. In the first comparison video, the VR MMO looks like a new game in parts. The world is much more vivid and full of details than in the Quest 2 version.

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