Manipur: Stoppage of 150 trucks continues, some of them in protest against internet disconnection

New Delhi: Riots against the Internet ban in Manipur turned violent on October 7. It reports that 150 trucks were stopped and some vandalized during the protest called by the Senapati Students’ Association. The Times of India.

Internet services have been suspended in the state since the violence began in May. The suspension was briefly lifted on September 23 and reimposed a few days later. Currently, this ban continues until October 11.

The association was protesting on NH-2 where it had created a blockade. The National Highway connects Dimapur (Nagaland) to Imphal (Manipur). It is an important route for the transportation of essential goods such as food, medicine, cooking fuel, etc.

The newspaper reported that keys were stolen from many truck drivers who were trying to transport these items.

“We strongly believe that internet access is not just a privilege but a fundamental right that every citizen should enjoy uninterruptedly,” TOI quoted the students’ association as saying. The forum also added that general prohibition in the entire state, even in areas where there is no law and order problem, serves no purpose and violates the fundamental rights of citizens. Senapati is a district bordering Nagaland.

The protesters also gave an ultimatum to the state government to lift the internet ban by Friday. The agitators warned that failure to do so would lead to an escalation of the protest.

Manipur’s internet ban is one of the longest bans imposed in an Indian state. While the state government continues to extend the ban, the move has come under fire from various internet freedom activists who claim it has created a barrier to the free flow of information to reveal the full extent of the violence.

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