Apple CEO Tim Cook saw the company’s AR glasses as a key target, but the technology has been elusive.

Apple’s Vision Pro is certainly the company’s most ambitious product to date, and shows how it envisions the future of mixed reality, but for most consumers, it’s too expensive and cumbersome to carry around all the time. connect Day. Although Apple may have plans to introduce a pair of AR glasses that will fix all the problems of the current generation of augmented reality headsets, this future will take years to come to fruition, with one report suggesting that the tech giant will cancel the product as a failure. It was for them. CEO Tim Cook.

Previous reports also stated that the physical size of the AR glasses prevented them from finding current-generation technology inside without making huge compromises.

In Mark Gurman’s latest Power On Bloombergs newsletter, the superiority of AR glasses capable of providing an enhanced experience is part of a long-running debate. Instead of relying on large devices with pass-through cameras and screens, data can be displayed on the lenses, Gorman says. Best of all, thanks to its lightweight design, these AR glasses can be worn all day long without looking ridiculous.

In the long term, many of these problems can be solved by switching from mixed reality to standalone augmented reality. It looks a little unusual, but the lightweight AR glasses create a superior experience when compared to a combination of AR and VR. Instead of relying on bulky pass-through cameras and virtual reality screens, data is placed on transparent lenses. And ideally, you can wear glasses all day.

Unfortunately, even for a trillion dollar company like Apple, developing an AR glasses is more than an uphill battle. Previously, it was reported that the technology was out of the question for integration into smart glasses, as such devices would require chips that consume only 10 percent of the power that Apple’s latest A-series iPhone SoC uses to overcome overheating. he does. Naturally, development of the product had to be shelved, and an unnamed employee stated that the team would continue to work on it to keep Tim Cook happy.

It seems that Tim Cook saw the AR glasses as the next step in bringing mixed reality and virtual reality into a single product, and most importantly, they overcome almost every limitation of the Apple Vision Pro. Unfortunately, given that the technology side presents insurmountable hurdles for the company, it will take some time for these to materialize.

But developing real augmented reality glasses is easier said than done. A year ago, Apple stopped official work on standalone AR glasses because the technology was so elusive. This was a particular setback for CEO Tim Cook, who saw AR glasses as a key target.

Even if Apple somehow overcomes technological limitations, the variable pricing of a first-generation product will wreak havoc on consumers’ wallets. The Apple Vision Pro’s $3,499 price tag is evidence enough that an AR headset won’t be very attractive in terms of annual releases, so the affordability of such hardware is the first hurdle that needs to be properly scaled to meet the next challenge.

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