Pokmon GO Level 40+ Mother’s hunt at 4am makes children worry about possible addiction, seeks advice from community.

Coaches, you may occasionally worry about balancing playing time with your daily commitments. But have you ever worried about someone else’s Pokmon GO habits? Today, we’re looking into an interesting topic that surfaced on the Pokmon GO forum, when does the urge to catch ’em all become a potential addiction?

User MotorSuitable5093 recently took to the Pokmon GO Subreddit to share his concerns about his mother’s gaming habits. They explained how their mother, a Level 40+ Pokmon GO player, was so invested in the game that it worried them. According to MotorSuitable5093, the mother is not just an ordinary player. No, he wakes up at 4am to ensure an extra hour of Pokemon hunting before the work day begins. And family trips? Well, with Mom’s eyes glued to her phone screen, they’ve become Pokemon on the hunt.

It’s not a case of a newcomer getting overwhelmed with excitement. The devoted mother had told her son that he would quit the game once he reached level 40 and caught a few special Pokemon. Well, both milestones have been achieved, and yet the game still occupies most of his time.

Now, this is where things get a little more serious. MotorSuitable5093 explains that their mother is stressed and emotionally unstable. This game, which may have started as fun, seems to have become a source of stress and commitment for him.

My mom is addicted
byu/MotorSuitable5093 inpokemongo

So, what to do? MotorSuitable5093 is looking for advice from the community on how to deal with this situation. And it is a valuable conversation. Pokmon GO has been praised for its ability to foster community and encourage physical activity, but as with anything in life, moderation is key. If you find yourself or someone you love feeling a little overwhelmed, it might be time to reassess how you integrate gaming into your everyday life.

So, trainers, what advice do you have for MotorSuitable5093? How do you balance your Pokmon GO adventures with real-world responsibilities? Share your thoughts and help a fellow trainer navigate this difficult terrain.

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