A military metaverse like a “multiplayer video game” that trains soldiers using augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

A former F-22 pilot told Fox News that a video game-like training simulator for Air Force pilots would give them a huge advantage in real combat.

Military Metaverse is a virtual space where soldiers train with their comrades using artificial intelligence and augmented reality, which overlays digital content into the real world, said former US Air Force pilot Don Robinson. His company, Red 6, makes augmented reality training technology and can simulate combat during campaigns on the digital displays that pilots see when they fly their planes.

What is artificial intelligence (AI)?

A friendly fighter jet is seen through a Red 6 augmented reality helmet. (red 6)

“Think of it as a massively multiplayer video game played over a few days,” Robinson said. “This now allows us to do some campaign-level training, exercising national command authority from tactical operators on the ground or in the air to across the government.”

“That’s what we think about metamorphosis,” he continued. A stable, continuous and simultaneous environment in which we can go by train.”

Technology CEO: Military Metaverse effectively simulates combat campaigns

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Digital training for soldiers, including video games, has been part of military training for years. In a 1994 US Government Accountability Office report, computer simulations “increase the effectiveness and efficiency of joint military training” and added that they “can save time and money”.

According to a 2019 RAND analysis, the cost of training fighter pilots ranges from nearly $6 million to more than $10 million. Additionally, the Air Force spends more than $33,000 per hour to fly the F-22, $28,000 for the F-35, and $8,000 per flight. F-16, based on Ministry of Defense data.

An augmented reality fighter jet.

Robinson said the military Metaverse enables pilots to repeatedly train against relevant targets. (red 6)

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Augmented reality simulations help pilots quickly learn the consequences of their military actions, Robinson said.

“You go and fly a mission on day one, you make an impact,” the former Air Force pilot told Fox News. “The enemy is, quote-unquote, adapting. And now you’re doing mission two.”

“Traditionally, the way fighter pilots train, we go up, fly, train, go down, land, brief the mission, and the next day we go on another mission,” Robinson said. ”

According to Air & Space Forces magazine, the Air Force has experienced delays in getting pilots through training this year, with more than 900 airmen waiting to enter training. Meanwhile, Air Force officials know that video games and digital simulations provide effective training for pilots, and recently partnered with a nonprofit national security company to host electronic competitions at military installations.

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“I envision a future where all warfighters in all domains are connected in a common synthetic outdoor training environment,” Robinson told Fox News. “Finally, we define the military transporter as an extension of that.”

“This presents an opportunity for a really interesting paradigm shift in education,” he added.

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Ramiro Vargas contributed to the accompanying video.

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